Rus News Journal

Tuesday, on October, 6th

Today one of the most favorable days for business and business ideas.

It is possible to begin any new affairs, to conclude transactions, to sign important
documents and contracts. Day is especially favorable for expansion of spheres
activity and in general any large actions in the politician of firm.
fine day for reasonable risk in monetary - financial operations for
a boundary. Investments of money in foreign
the enterprises promise to be especially successful.
good time for cardinal changes of an administrative board. However, for
some it will be rather tragic. The favorable arrangement of stars
will allow to put things in order with success in affairs - to sum up, to rearrange
people, to enter new organizational structure.
Small troubles can wait only for those who as - that is connected with
show - business, sale of pictures and the organisation of exhibitions. In these affairs not
it is necessary to show special activity.
acquaintances to unusual people are coming women. Men, on the contrary,
should be careful of new acquaintances and pay attention to problems in old
in family otoshenijah on Tuesday it is necessary comfortable day - harmonious
relations between spouses and children rather will help with work.
Tauruses on Tuesday do not need to risk money, for them this day not so
is successful. Should be profitable otoshenija with foreigners and foreign trips.
at Aquarius today difficult day. Born under this sign should
trust on Tuesday to the intuition which will prompt it is unique a right way.
fruitful there will be new contacts.
At Lvov on Tuesday profitable will be purchase - real estate sale, currency
operations and large rouble transactions. To them does not follow pereutomljatsja on work,
problems with health can arise absolutely unexpectedly. The special attention
should be turned on relations with children.