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Deputies dig under the Arch

on October, 14th the commission on culture and art of Krasnogvardejsky regional council

has submitted the statement of claim in which it is called into question
legality of activity of joint-stock company " to district court; the Arch Memorial estate conducting restoration
Tsarina`s . Heads of joint-stock company the Arch assured of moral and legal cleanliness
the business, consider that the area authorities have run in unreasonable ambitions and
simply prevent to restore it a unique architectural monument.

joint-stock company the Arch it is created in 1991 on base creative - production association
the Arch existing at VPTO the Video film . The authorised capital of joint-stock company - 10 million
rbl. The basic line of activity - restoration and reconstruction
architecture monuments.
manor Tsarina`s - a XVIII century architectural ensemble. Was under construction under the project
Catherine II as country imperial residence within two centuries
architects Vasily Bazhenov and Matveem Kazakovym; however has been completed not
. Now is a museum. Demands restoration.

Restoration works in manor territory Tsarina`s joint-stock company the Arch as
genpodrjadchik the beginning under the contract with a museum in August, 1992. By this time
restoration houses of Shkuleva (the scorched and dilapidated building on
manor territories) according to the previous contract with a museum from 1991
it has been almost finished. Having learnt about presence in territory of a museum commercial
structures, the chairman of the commission on culture and art Krasnogvardejsky
regional council (in whose conducting territorially is Tsarina`s ) The hope
Kozhenkova began to search for a crime in activity Arches .
In conversation with correspondent Kozhenkova has declared that businessmen cannot
be people fair . Therefore she has accused administration of Memorial estate and
Management of the state control of protection and use of monuments
stories and cultures in connivance and an inattention to destiny Russian
heritages .
Kozhenkova has told to the correspondent that its activity in exposure
restorers is socially necessary, having declared that it is guided purely
by the human point of view . Nevertheless during conversation it on - chelovecheski
admitted that reconstruction and restoration prospects houses of Shkuleva to
recent time (i.e. before occurrence in Tsaritsyn Arches ) Rather
were foggy even for it.
the Arch adheres to more certain point of view. According to the general director
Sergey Chevtaeva`s this firm, if the Arch was not accepted for restoration
works, the house of Shkuleva as the history monument in five years would disappear from the person
the earths. And, according to Chevtaeva, all profit on works on to the house of Shkuleva
the joint-stock company completely directs it on restoration continuation
Tsarina`s which from - for ambitions of regional deputies can interrupt .