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Militiaman Borovkov denies the fault

Yesterday in Petersburg city court process on business of militiaman Alexander

has begun Borovkova, trying to steal from Russian museum Vereschagin`s picture Walk
in a boat . The defendant has unexpectedly changed the indications given on a consequence, and
now refuses flatly to recognise the fault on both made to it
to articles (15 - 93 tonics and 170, p.1 UK Russia).

Ivan Nikiforov, lawyer Borovkova, asserts that materials presented
to court of business not only are inconsistent, but at all do not allow
to confirm with accuracy, what particularly pictures accuse him of attempt of plunder
the client. Nikiforov that the inspector has not fixed
an identification of a cloth of Vereschagin neither Borovkovym, nor passing on business
witnesses refers. Dactyloscopic examination has not been spent, the major witness - the commander of branch of protection of a museum Roslavtsev has not been interrogated
Under Alexander Borovkova`s new version, with the image floating on
to lake of a duck he has found out a certain canvas already removed from a stretcher, bent four times and
hidden in transition of Russian museum. Ostensibly to prevent
the theft prepared by someone, it has curtailed a cloth into a roll, has taken out under an overcoat in
clothes on what has informed the chief Roslavtsevu. And that as if
has insisted, that postovoj is reserved has returned a picture into place.
Borovkov has told to the judge that its former heads has substituted (promised
to dismiss at own will if the rubbish from a log hut, and then
" is not taken out; has exposed for discredit ) . But the defendant and could not explain, why,
despite insult, it continued to stipulate itself on a consequence.
not absolutely confidently was conducted also by the employee of a museum Svetlana Lopatin - the first
the witness interrogated by court (did not remember precisely a picture detail). During hearing
it was not possible to find out accurately, what role in incident was played by the commander
Roslavtsev. It has appeared that recently it was suddenly translated to serve from Petersburg in
Krasnodar territory. Lawyer Nikiforov hopes that court, meeting lacks
consequences, all - taki will cause Roslavtseva for evidence. The defender hopes
also that experts of the museum which conclusion about a damage,
put to a picture, has raised at its some doubts will be interrogated.