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Better there are less than taxes, yes the best

session of small Council of the Moscow country council

People`s Deputies on which the question on local taxes and
gathering has been discussed Yesterday has taken place. fathers of Moscow suburbs have come to a conclusion that the quantity of taxes is better
for reducing, having improved their gathering.

As the chairman of Committee on an economic reform has reminded gathered at
the Moscow regional council Cyril Jankov, the list of local gathering contains in the Law About
bases of tax system in the Russian Federation . However authorities,
taking the document too literally, usually take from the population money on all
to the points mentioned there.
Meanwhile, in opinion g - on Jankova, it to do at all it is unessential. On it
to words, it is expedient to enter into Moscow suburbs only prime regional
taxes and tax collections and to strengthen control over their collection and target use.
the list such prime taxes according to Jankova, it is resulted in
developed by regional Committee on an economic reform special
methodical recommendations. In particular, in them it is offered to establish in
the first stage most simply controllable taxes, for example, on advertising
or gathering on cleaning of streets. However, as consider in committee, with consolidation
authority of local authorities, it will be gradually possible to expand the list entered
gathering in strict conformity with the Russian tax laws.
as has noted g - n Jankov, an establishment of the concrete sizes of rates local
taxes and tax collections is a prerogative of enforcement authorities. However,
as it has explained, the administration should not be fond, defining too
high, in comparison with the next areas, rates.
otherwise potential payers of the taxes which entering not
is connected with a residence (for example, for registration enterprise
activity, for the right of trade wine - vodka products, the tax to advertising, and
others), can translate the activity in other regions, with more
favorable conditions. That will lead to reduction of tax payments in
the local budget.
G - n Jankov also has suggested the Moscow regional council commissions to develop additional
measures on an establishment of administrative responsibility for legal bodies,
carrying out trade without the unprofitable and other documents confirming
legality of reception of the goods, and to make recommendations about legal responsibility
for non-payment of local taxes.
According to Committee on an economic reform the administration of Moscow Region
should organise till November, 11th, 1992 works on cost revaluation
structures, premises and the constructions belonging to citizens. By words g - on
Jankova, in 1992 of it has not been made also the tax to some real estate
raised at its inventory cost of 1984, and for good
the sound house now the owner pays in the budget only 10 - 15 roubles in
year. In this connection, by a rough estimate of experts of Committee
an economic reform of the Moscow regional council the damage from nepereotsenki structures has made in
1992 about 35 million roubles.
then deputies have discussed traditionally an acute problem cash execution
tax payments (means quite trivial difficulties with
transfer of tax payments from the account into the account). On the developed practice
in many areas and cities of Moscow Region all local gathering are brought in
branches of Savings Bank of Russia. Some of them raise for cash
services in various areas of Moscow suburbs from three to ten percent from the sum
payments, and, hence, the sums postupaemyh local taxes decrease on
the commission sum.
in this connection, the head of Committee on an economic reform, has noted
necessity of immediate cancellation of any commission gathering at service
tax payments. He has referred on containing in operating
the legislation the unambiguous requirement branches of Savings Bank
Russia the data cash ulugi to render free of charge.
as a result the sessions of small council offered to consideration. The list
prime actions for realisation of the legislation Russian
Federations about local taxes and tax collections Methodical recommendations about introduction
taxes and tax collections in areas and cities of Moscow Region and Analytical
the inquiry under local taxes and tax collections in cities and areas of Moscow Region
have been quite unanimously approved and accepted in the first reading.
after entering into all of them ppredlozhennyh remarks and additions, documents
will be taken out for repeated discussion on one of the following session
the Moscow country council of People`s Deputies.