Rus News Journal

The Russian ground plan of a transcontinental highway

will be considered at the international conference

the Large-scale civil-engineering design of a highway Moscow -
the Russian and western businessmen intend to carry out Beijing. Co-ordinators of the project
in Russia act as joint-stock company Our time and joint-stock company Rosavtodor . Tomorrow the delegation
the Russian businessmen will go to Hamburg to take part in
the international conference on which the offered project will be discussed.

the Idea of building of a transcontinental automobile highway has arisen at
of some interested parties as in Russia, and abroad. In trading
the circles of Europe specialising on transcontinental transportations to Japan
and other countries of Pacific region, the civil-engineering design overland
roads through Russia caused clear interest. Cost costs on
overland transportation of cargoes through Asia or by sea round Africa
eat the most part of profit on trade in the Asian markets. In the USA the project
similar road bears for a long time fund the XXI-st century as, with American
the points of view, the Trans-Siberian road around Taishet should have branch
to Chukotka, and then through the tunnel or the bridge over Bering strait to leave
to Alaska. In Russia one of leaders of this idea was joint-stock
a society Rosavtodor (earlier - the Russian state concern on
to designing, building, reconstruction, repair and the maintenance
highways Rosavtodor ).
Fantastic dreams of a transcontinental highway have started to find
real soil, when concern Rosavtodor together with the Tyumen joint-stock company Ours
time has started marketing works on studying of possibilities of attraction
the Russian and foreign capitals to realisation of the international project,
received name ERAA - 92 ( Europe - Russia - Asia - America ) . In a role
the co-ordinator of the project from West side intermediary firm Kaukasika Gmbh acts large Hamburg
the Multimonthly preparatory period promises to come to the end on international
conferences which will take place 19 - on October, 20th in Hamburg. In meeting work
, 1200 companies will presumably take part basically from Germany, the USA and
Switzerland. From the Russian side representatives more
30 state and commercial organisations, and even Russian Orthodox
churches which also has expressed desire to finance the project are invited.
the Russian side will arrive on conference not empty-handed. In its active
- a written guarantee of transfer of territory of the future road in free
using of the shareholders, signed by Boris Yeltsin, and also number support
commercial banks (Sibkombank, the Russian bank of revival, Promstrojbank)
for project crediting (a total sum of already guaranteed credits - 60 mlrd
rbl.) . Joint-stock company Our time has developed the plan of mobilisation 300 mlrd rbl. for the account
issues of securities and their placing in the Russian market. It is supposed that
it will be offered to delegates of conference to be a part international
of a consortium. The Russian side intends to acquaint within two days
potential participants of the project with the plan of realisation of works.
the future highway, according to the vice-president Rosavtodora Yury
Staroseltseva, will be erected on the basis of already existing road
Moscow - Penza - Samara - Ufa - Irkutsk - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok. Today this
a line is in a deplorable state: on all its extent it is necessary
a bad quality cloth, a site between Chita and Khabarovsk (950 km), on
to words of Staroseltseva, it is awful and from Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk - with soil
a covering. Experts Rosavtodora Estimate requirement for means for
buildings of a high quality line in 320 mlrd rbl. in the prices of 1992, at
it the time of recovery of outlay of investments under condition of development roadside
an infrastructure will not exceed three years.
the road will be the first large paid highway in territory of the former USSR, and
a highlight the project intention to create all usual for the West
a complex of roadside service is. To involve foreign investors
it is supposed transfer to time concession to foreign firms of sites,
adjoining to road.
experts on advantage have estimated scales of the conceived project, however while
concern prospect of its realisation sceptically. Available
while it is obviously not enough initiators of the governmental guarantees to cause
inflow of large foreign investments. Doubtful the plan
is represented also to mobilisation 300 mlrd rbl. By placing of securities in home market.
however nevertheless there is a sense to wait for results of conference. We will return to
to this theme after arrival of the Russian delegation from Hamburg next week.