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Ukraine has lost the largest military plane

As reported by REUTER, on October, 13th in 35 km to the West from Kiev has near sat down the Brawler has suffered accident the largest of adopted military - transport aircraft of Ukraine plane AN - 124 Ruslan .

under informal data, accident has occurred on Tuesday in 16. 10. It is known that Ruslan has had an accident over wood, has fallen and has burnt down. On a place of airplane crash there was a strong fire which has soon been extinguished by forces of the fire-fighting crew which has arrived from Kiev. The corpse of one of crewmen is found out. The others 8 while are considered as missing persons though most likely they also were lost. In the Kiev branch any official details have refused to inform on this incident the POPPY the correspondent, having referred to an interdiction of the governmental commission on investigation of circumstances of accident.
From authentic sources it became known that in a flight history Ruslana there was at least one more accident - it has occurred till 1985 during flight tests, but has been carefully coded by military men. As to last about its details read in Saturday number.

it is opened Ruslan for the first time has been shown on an air show in Le Burzhe in 1985 where has lifted 171219 kg on height of 10750 m (result till now remains a world record). Up to occurrence AN - 224 Mrija Ruslan was the largest transport plane of the world.