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On October, 14th the newspaper the Kazan sheets without naming an information source, has informed that the republic Tatarstan government prepares the decision on new increase of tariffs for transport and utilities. According to the newspaper, gasoline AI - 93 can cost 40 roubles for litre, fare by the bus, a tram, a trolley bus will increase in 5 times, on river transport — in 12 times, on railway — in 20 times. More than in 2 times a telecommunication service will rise in price.

the economic adviser of the Russian government the professor of the Harward university of the USA Jeffrey Saks has declared in interview to agency REUTER that for last three months in Russia the quantity of the money which is in circulation has doubled, and it is fraught with economic accident. The requirement of Russia for the financial help will make in 1993 22 mlrd dollars.

on October, 15th the Sverdlovsk regional council has made the decision on transition of area since January, 1st, 1993 On single-channel system of payment of taxes in the budget of Russia and introduction since January, 1st, 1993 in territory of Sverdlovsk area of tax system the Ural initiative the developed association Taxes of Russia . As the president of association " has informed the correspondent; Taxes of Russia Vladimir Frolov, system of taxes the Ural initiative assumes introduction of 12 types of tax, payments and gathering instead of 41, existing now. By estimations of some experts, all taxes offered by association are tested in practice and are economically effective that should be reflected in an economic climate of area favorably.

on October, 15th at session of Small Council of Sverdlovsk area People`s Deputies should make the decision on formation in territory of area of the ground market and confirm an order of sale and transfer of the ground areas from state ownership in the private.
According to the decision project, owners of the ground areas the area to 0,5 hectares in countryside and corresponding norm in cities and working settlements as of September, 1st, 1992 receive the possession in the property free of charge. Over the established norms they redeem the Earth at standard price.
details in the following number.

on October, 16th the Committee of the prices at the Ministry of Economics will present to the government of Russia of the offer on increase in tariffs at internal cargo sea transportations in 2,2 times. Offers are prepared according to the governmental order of Russia # 724 from September, 17th, 1992. It is supposed that the government will make the decision on this question next week.