Rus News Journal

The Russian exporters have gathered for conference

Yesterday in World trade centre the international conference

" has opened; Foreign trade activities of the enterprises of all patterns of ownership: new
conditions and prospects .
the Russian and foreign businessmen have shown the Greatest interest to
to performance of the first deputy of the Minister of Finance of Russia Andrey Vavilov,
which has informed on preparing introduction by the Russian government
100 - percentage sale of currency and has explained an order of repayment currency
to debts of Foreign trade and investment bank to the enterprises and the organisations.
as has told g - n Vavilov, sale by exporters of all currency is caused
by necessity to stop dollarizatsiju the Russian economy and
to stabilise a rouble exchange rate. This measure will not limit access of businessmen to
to currency resources. Interested persons on - former can get currency on
to an interbank currency stock exchange. Concerning currency debts of Foreign trade and investment bank already
conditions and the schedule of their repayment are defined. The debts, which size makes
$10 mlrd, will be extinguished by the government of Russia within 15 years. Repayment
begins to be made under the bonds which are given out to the enterprises which have
accounts in Foreign trade and investment bank. Besides, under these bonds it will be paid
3,5 annual interest rates.