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Of it are afraid. For that also love

In last number Money we wrote about Natalia Fonarevoj`s appointment the head
  It are afraid. For that also love

In last number Money we wrote about Natalia Fonarevoj`s appointment as the head of the State antimonopoly committee. Our correspondent talks to it Rose TSVETKOVA.
Natalia Fonareva has come To antimonopoly committee in January 1992 - go. From this point on its surname always on hearing. Including - and as regards scandals. To take at least history with an interdiction of universal advertising MMM.
Money : the First question personal. About you go...
Natalia Fonareva:... Terrible hearings?. I am valid very different depending on a situation.
D : of you are afraid?
N. F: I as - that have heard such opinion from employees: of you are afraid, but love . I speak, so does not happen, there should be something one. No, speak, - both that, and another. In general with whom I work for a long time, me, certainly, are not afraid and do not test any trembling. But amikoshonskih I do not get relations. That who profneprigoden, long it is not necessary to be afraid. Quarrel is an unusable form of trial, it is indecent, especially when business reaches personal insults. At us work such - we should supervise, and also give out instructions and fine. Dentists after all too do not love. And if to reduce delivery of the instruction to that is quarrel we, of course, quarrel pretty often.
D : you quarrel for the sake of the consumer. And in which cases he can address to you for the help?
N. F: Citizens sometimes not so well represent themselves the competence of this or that administrative body protecting them of the right. As now there are reforms and there are new bodies. In those questions which protection of the rights of consumers, our role the leader directly concern. We are engaged in mass control of manufacture. Here there can be questions, not only connected with quality, but also, say, with the unfair information, dates of performance of works, an aftersales service...
D : you have already planned what basic actions for protection of the rights of the consumer?
N. F: Now we work over the big complex of rules of consumer services of citizens. It very much labour-intensive process. After all there was a second part of the Civil code which directly is connected with the law About protection of the rights of the consumer . That all to register, where, as well as that is applied, study on everything, even is required to the smallest questions. Let`s tell, the coordination of rules of telephone service. For example, to your house telephone communications are not spent and you agree to put up the money and to stretch a cable. There is a question - and further whose it is all will be? We will admit, the proprietor, has stretched which this cable, agrees to give it on balance to telecommunications agency. And if will not give, as it will serve it? And what requirements on it will be exposed by the serving enterprise? Such questions set and though all of them basically are solved, it occupies a lot of time.
other question over which we now fight, is an introduction in the school program of discipline on bases of consumer knowledge. The corresponding textbook already is, there are even methodical grants for teachers. And we now simply appeal to the Ministry of Education - after all to study the rights of consumers it is necessary to begin at school.
the third direction - problems of safety of the goods and their quality under requirements gostov. On parametres of quality at us it is a lot of complaints from Gosstandart. Certainly, when one firm was closed, another was reorganised, and the third only begins the activity, it is difficult to follow - especially by deliveries in small lots - quality of the delivered goods. We study now a question of creation of a uniform computer network operatively to catch infringers.
D : On what you any more do not have time?
N. F: As soon as I became the vice-president, it began not to suffice catastrophically on what. I was fond of the Italian music, drew, ran on any interesting exhibition or a concert. Now months I can not meet even close friends. Certainly, it is madly a pity to waste this time. But if I undertook a tug it is necessary to work.
However, on work we regularly hold exhibitions of creativity of children of employees. With any prizes and solemn rewardings. Still always it is celebrated good holidays, birthdays on which, I admit, the considerable share of the personal finance leaves. At us remarkable collective. And it already a part of my private life.

Natalia Fonareva, the chairman the HOOK of the Russian Federation: For holidays and birthdays the considerable part of the personal finance " leaves;.
Natalia Fonareva in the childhood: Any amikoshonskih I do not get relations .