Rus News Journal

The deputy minister of foreign economic relations of Russia Vladimir

Rabotjazhev has gone yesterday to Germany. He has told to the correspondent that

goes to mortgage the first stone of the Russian House of economy and trade in
Dusseldorf. The house should start to function within two years. In it
there will be seminars, exhibitions and other actions which will facilitate
to Germans an exit on the Russian market. Simultaneously g - n Rabotjazhev intends to spend
negotiations with a management of some the German earths interested in
cooperation with Russia at level of areas. Probably, any documents
will be already signed during visit. G - n Rabotjazhev plans to return in
Moscow on October, 20th.

visit to Russia Minister of Defence of Argentina g - on Antonio Ernana
Has ended with Gonsalesa. G - n Bedenko helping the correspondent to communicate with g - nom
Gonsalesom, has noticed that the Minister of Defence works with the Russian translator, and
it testifies to the big trust of Argentineans to Russians. The correspondent
has been very surprised that g - n Gonsales and its numerous companions
have not been dressed in the military form, but it has appeared that in the Argentina Ministry of Defence
civilians work.

the Ambassador of Russia in Saudi Arabia Gennady Tarasov after holiday
has taken off yesterday from Moscow. G - n Tarasov has told to the correspondent that holiday
proceeded within one and a half months, and he hardly can inform something
the interesting. Besides, he has referred to feeling sick in connection with a flu
and has wished to stop conversation.

the Ambassador of Russia in Sultanate Oman Alexander Patsev has departed from Moscow where
was within a month. G - n Patsev has told that was in holiday, but holiday
to it should be combined with office affairs. In Russia the ambassador solved questions
connected with payment of a debt to Oman, and also discussed opening possibilities
air communication between Moscow and Muscat. By words g - on Patseva,
now it is necessary ambassadors hardly: them seldom release home on rest in connection with
dearness of air tickets and consequently they home fly in office
business trips.

the Ambassador of Norway in Russia g - n Dagsinn Stenset has departed yesterday to Oslo. He
has told to the correspondent that often enough leaves Moscow on some
days to meet a management Norwegian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This time g - n
Stenset hopes to combine work with rest. Friday he will devote to work, and
it plans to spend the days off together with children. The next working week
the ambassador will begin already in Moscow.

Yesterday late at night the chairman has returned to Moscow from Paris
broadcasting companies " from business trip; Ostankino Egor Jakovlev.

Metropolitan Pavel has gone yesterday to the USA. He has informed the correspondent,
that is operating arrivals of Russian orthodox church to America. In
Moscow it came to business trip on church affairs. And now goes back in
America too to business trip as is the citizen of Russia.
the metropolitan named itself the small person also has advised to the correspondent
to wait November when Patriarch of All Russia Pimen intends to go in
America. According to father Pavel, conversation with Pimenom will be more interesting.

the Representative of US State department g - zha Klep
has finished yesterday the visit to Russia during which participated in consultations
on emigratory questions. With that end in view it has met with Russian
federal emigratory service, representatives the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and Committee at
the President on citizenship. g - zha Klep has declared to the correspondent that any
news in the field of emigration as a result of its visit have not appeared.

the vice-president of the American Association has departed To New York on planning
families doctor Deniel Vajntraub. He has told to the correspondent that
came to check up, how there are affairs in the consultation centres organised
in Moscow by Association together with the Russian centre the Future of women . On
to opinion g - on Vajntrauba, all centres worked perfectly. He has told that the idea
to work in Russia has come to to it mind when he has learnt about terrifying quantity
abortions of Russian women. At the moment Americans intend to continue
to expand the activity: to open in Moscow exemplary clinic for
women to open a network of female consultations in Petersburg, to educate small
the people in the field of contraception and to bring in May to Moscow businessmen,
sponsoring the project.

To Moscow Eugene Scott, the director of tennis tournament the Cup
the Kremlin has arrived. Tournament will begin on November, 9th, and g - n Scott will supervise over the last
preparations. Meeting g - on Scott were praised that the Kremlin Cup
is recognised the second in the world on popularity among the tennis tournaments spent on
closed courts.

visit to Moscow delegations Bank of New York Has ended. Unfortunately, bankers
were limited to general phrases, speaking about the program of the visit. They have told
to the correspondent that in Russia the Bank works over several projects, and
the delegation came to Moscow to look as there are affairs, and to consider
cooperation possibilities. Judging by mood of the American bankers, them
visit has ended quite successfully, however they did not begin to extend about
successes: banks usually do not speak .

To Moscow from Paris the delegation of the International league against racism and
anti-Semitism has arrived. Frenchmen have told to the correspondent that have arrived for this purpose,
to open in Moscow the representation. Delegation plans include
a meeting with Michael Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, however, Frenchmen
assume that these plans cannot come true because of a saturation
political life of Russia. Frenchmen will stay in Moscow till Sunday.

the Former assistant to the editor-in-chief of a weekly journal Andrey Vasilev
together with the wife and friends has returned yesterday from America. Having seen g - on Vasileva in
to a customs area, the correspondent has understood at once that Vasilev has bought new
a hat. G - n Vasilev has been terribly surprised that in it till now remember, yes
also meet, and refused to believe that with it speak seriously: I now
the private person, the person without a post, the unemployed . Even more he has been surprised,
that already leaves, therefore as in New York he long searched for the newspaper, but find not
a smog. Some times a bad word it has remembered workers of Aeroflot,
lost its bag. Concerning Miami where he spent time, Vasilev
has told that Miami - shit and to it was limited. But he has confirmed a guess
the correspondent concerning purchase of a new hat and has added that has bought also
boots and asked to mention necessarily it in the newspaper.

Yesterday to Moscow there has arrived group of representatives of regional branches
the World Christian union of youth. They will take part in the congress,
which will open tomorrow and will impart experience with the Russian adherents in
areas perfection of a body, spirit and thought also will discuss creation possibility
National board of the Russian branch of the Union. However, most likely,
the decision of this question will be postponed till the best times as while in
Russia at the organisation is not present necessary quantity of followers.