Rus News Journal

On October, 14th the Supreme body of Ukraine has passed in the first reading the law on the credit unions, and also has made some changes to laws on privatisation papers and on bankruptcy. At evening session deputies have considered the law on a labour safety in the second reading.

on October, 14th the president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk has signed the decree about introduction of customs control on border with Russia and Belarus.

on October, 15th the deputy minister of the finance of Ukraine Dmitry Zajchenko has denied the message of some mass media about introduction since October, 16th of the Ukrainian national currency. In interview to journalists he has noticed that Ukraine while technically is not ready to introduction in a non-cash turn of the Ukrainian currency. At the same time Zajchenko has confirmed existence of the arrangement of Ukraine with Russia about introduction of the Ukrainian national currency in the near future.

Under the message from Donetsk management of National bank of Ukraine, in the near future coupons will be deduced from the reference 100 - rouble advantage of release of 1991. It is connected with their weak technical protection - absence of numbers and series that has led to mass circulation of forgeries.

on October, 15th in Latvia tariffs for transport services are once again increased. So, journey by a taxi will cost 20 roubles for kilometre and as much - landing in a taxi. Earlier it costed 12 roubles. In 1,7 times the payment for transportations of cargoes by rail is increased. Under the data received in Ministry of Railways of Latvia, also the price of tickets for passenger trains in the near future will raise.

as a result of a fuel acute shortage in Lithuania the price of 1 litre of gasoline And - 92 has reached 70 roubles, And - 76 - 60 roubles. According to traffic police of Lithuania, the number of vehicles on republic roads for a month was reduced approximately in 4 times.

According to bilateral agreements between National bank of Moldova and the central banks of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus, all payments of legal bodies of Moldova in these countries will be carried out through specially created uniform correspondent account in is settlement - the cash centre of National bank of Moldova. The establishment Moldova similar financial control became reaction to distinctions in cost of non-cash rouble in regions of the former USSR. The innovation will allow to keep account movements of non-cash rouble means on the separate states CIS.