Rus News Journal

Week comes to an end, and at the Russian customs has passed nothing the remarkable working day noted by some successes of regional customs.

the Petersburg customs officers serving Severo - the Western direction of Russia continue to please all. Under their vigilant look the mouse with contraband, the car with the Kuzbass coal will not slip. Here and yesterday the car with coal - taki have stopped, and in it was 65 t, coal has been intended for Estonia. Customs officers asked to transfer - to make out freight traffic is necessary properly. For the same reasons have not let out cargo Ural azotno - sour nickel (18) on Millerovsky customs point that on border with Ukraine.
in “ the Sheremetyevo - 2 “ among guilty yesterday there were only our compatriots. Customs officers of the airport have withdrawn 900 pounds sterling (that corresponds at a present course of 508,9 thousand rbl.) At the citizen following in official journey to Vienna. And at the lady going to a tour, have found out 9 gold rings estimated in 35,3 thousand of rbl.
The day before at the airport of Syktyvkar in the plane, following flight “ Vilnius - Inta “ customs officers managed to detain large party of the Russian currency - 64 cash bags from 100 million rbl. Money were transported by the representative of concern “ Inta - coal “ without the corresponding permission. The currency managed to be detained by mere chance. The matter is that the plane of this flight at all was not supposed prizemljat in Syktyvkar where there is a customs post and are served not only internal, but also the international flights.
the Moscow regional customs performed daily work on reception and sending abroad the big and small cargoes. For export to Bulgaria spare parts to trolley buses (10) yesterday are sent. Import, as usual, was much more various. To Moscow from the USA have arrived 4 t cherry jam, 1,5 t cookies, and also 7,5 t dried milk.
and through customs point “ the Terminal - Moscow “ yesterday in capital the whole automobile caravan of chocolate - 5 trucks has proceeded. This time besides already fallen in love to Muscovites “ SNICKERS “ (60) and “ MARS “ (20), there has arrived too very good chocolate of mark “ MILKY WAY “ (20). And 100 more t chocolate has arrived from Austria. Except chocolate “ the Terminal - Moscow “ has issued yesterday the big cargoes from coffee. 70 t has arrived from Austria, and from Germany 60, including 40 t the granulated coffee in banks.
have brought to Moscow and a lot of hot - 60 t spirit from Holland, 20 t beer from Germany and 20 t canned beer from the USA, and from France for special judges of refined drinks - 6 thousand bottles of cognac “ Napoleon “. Experts predict that the part of these cargoes, possibly, will appear on counters of commercial shops already at the new increased price as yesterday already import duty has increased by a hard liquor to 100 % oņ contract cost.
pets have not been forgotten also. Thanks the distributor of firm “ MARS “ (ph. 129 - 41 - 53) which caring a correct diet of cats, dogs and birds, delivered to Moscow 25 t a various special food for them.
Have delivered yesterday in capital different technics. So, from the USA there have arrived 200 disk drives and 200 cases of computers with power blocks, from Austria - 35 t the copy technics and 20 t household electronics, from Germany - 7 t the computer technics. And from Finland have brought building materials (20) for building of hotels.
on a customs warehouse of firm “ aerosher - the Express train “ (bodies. 578 - 49 - 95) yesterday from Finland cargo of the computer equipment and office equipment (1,5, and a flight from China - party of man`s and female outer clothing (nearby 12) has arrived. The firm continues to expand the international contacts. So, the next contract on transportation yesterday has been concluded is export - inward cargoes with the Hong Kong firm “ Global Union Express “ (it will be monthly delivered an order 40 t the foreign trade cargoes, basically consumer goods).
Bulgaria, judging by the received information, will dress some part of the man`s population. Yesterday from there has arrived 5 thousand man`s suits. And to Russia from the near abroad there has arrived the next party of minibuses RAF.