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Pilots have decided to split aviaknot

In Vnukovsky production association the problem is discussed has undressed

property. It is supposed that from association structure will be allocated 3 structural
divisions which form airline Vnukovo - Russian
airlines . Between administration of association and labour collective have arisen
disagreements concerning possible variants of privatisation.
on October, 15th the State Property Committee the order " is accepted; Additional conditions
inclusions in plans of privatisation of the enterprises of air transport
recommending division of aviation associations into airlines and the airports.
with the advent of this document chances of labour collective of a victory in dispute
have raised. About the further succession of events will tell on October, 23rd.

the Vnukovsky production association of civil aircraft carries out
cargo and passenger transportations by planes Silt - 86 and They be 154. Into its structure
enters more than 30 various services providing a full flight cycle. The general
quantity of employees - nearby 9000 persons. Residual balance cost
fixed capital - 423 million rbl. On balance of association costs 55 planes
in cost of 300 million rbl.

In June pilots of association and workers of two adjacent divisions have addressed
in the government with the offer on creation on the basis of association state
airlines with its the subsequent aktsionirovaniem. In September the State Property Committee
has published the order #439 - r according to which the commission has been formed.
besides representatives of the State Property Committee pilots and employees have entered into it
air field services. The primary goal of the commission - property section between again
organizujushchejsja airline and association. After an exit of the decree #721 About measures
on transformation of state enterprises to joint-stock companies the general director
Vnukovo Valery Baranov has disposed to create the commission on privatisation
associations and to formation on its basis of uniform joint-stock company.
the administration suggested employees to side with a management and to support
idea of privatisation of flight and land services as edingo the whole. The collective
has not supported the offer. Acceptance by the State Property Committee of the document from October, 15th
has strengthened positions of pilots which insist on, that a complex Vnukovo
corresponded to world norms i.e. that the airline and the airport
represented separate independent firms. In the near future
final decision acceptance about section of property Vnukovsky is expected ON.