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the East aspires on the West

Watch factory the East (Chistopol, Tatarstan) undertakes active and not

the efforts deprived own commercial handwriting under the statement in the market
the CIS and the world market. Created by it in Dnepropetrovsk of the joint venture the East - Dnepr
on October, 15th for the first time in Ukraine has let out party of a watch. On the end
October to the East the party of known hours " is ordered; Komandirsky football
club Milan .

the joint venture the East - Dnepr it is founded by watch factory the East (Chistopol,
Tatarstan) and the Dnepropetrovsk machine-building factory. The joint venture has in
Dnepropetrovsk the assembly manufacture working completely on accessories
the East . The model let out by factory
" has great popularity; Komandirsky . Capacities the East allow to deliver annually on the market to
2,8 million products.

Factory the East - one of the most known hour enterprises. Differs
commercial aggression, flexible, focused on mass demand
design. According to experts, factory the East undertakes some kind of
preventive approach to the Ukrainian market. As the general director " has declared in conversation with
the correspondent; the East Vladislav Tsivilin, with
disintegration of the USSR Ukraine it has appeared without own hour manufacture. If
we now do not enter on this market Byelorussians with their Minsk hour
factory, either Muscovites, or Switzerland " will come;.
Commercial plans the East are not limited to Ukraine. Komandirsky hours
have already declared themselves - and is rather effective - in the world market in 1991 in a course
the conflict round Iraq when their party has been realised through American
the intermediary in the forwarding case of the USA. According to experts, more successful
was difficult for thinking up an advertising course. The following course the East also
it is original: in the end of October it will be let out 30 thousand Komandirsky by request
football club Milan . There are also negotiations about small party of hours on
spetszakazu Fiat company managements.