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Russia — it is Asia

Russia is Asia

last week in Moscow leading bankers of the countries Asian - Pacific region - heads of the largest banks of Japan, the USA, Hong Kong, Philippines and Taiwan have gathered. For six days they had time to hear to a short course on an economic and financial situation in Russia in a statement of the head of the Central Bank Sergey Dubinin, to go sightseeing in Moscow and St.-Petersburg and, satisfied with reception, have promised to think of investments into the Russian economy.

the Initiator of carrying out 14 - go congress of Association of banks Asia (Aba) in Moscow became the International industrial bank. It, by the way, the first of the Russian banks has entered this largest in the world (on investment potential) interbank association. Aba include such largest world banks, as Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Group, China Trust Bank, the Central bank of Taiwan.
we will remind, in Asian - Pacific region it is concentrated about 60 % of the world investment capital. Organizers of congress did not hide that following the results of visit of bankers they expected to see and feel inflow to Russia Asian investments as it happens two years on Philippines where after association congress the present investment boom has begun.
it is natural, corresponding welcome has been accorded to dear visitors. At congress opening ceremony Victor Tchernomyrdin has acted, promised to create a favorable climate for investments from Asia. Separately the prime minister has noticed that development of the Russian economy will allow to accept by 2000 10 - 15 mlrd dollars of foreign investments annually . And the head of Bank of Russia Sergey Dubinin has read to visitors of congress a presidential greeting that, however, looked a little strange, considering presence at congress of the chairman of the government - a figure closer to the president. Though the explanation has been found in a lobby of congress to it - that the greeting of the president was read by the head of the Central Bank, should dispel again appeared hearings about its fast resignation.
Sergey Dubinin also has told to participants and visitors of congress about an economic situation in Russia. Told by it has made upon bankers so strong impression that they have promised to petition before the international rating agencies increase of a credit rating of Russia.
on behalf of the Russian diplomats at congress the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Russia Igor Ivanov has acted. The first deputies on opening have sent Anatoly Chubays and Yury Luzhkov though originally promised to be present personally. That has prevented Chubays, it is not known, and here the mayor of Moscow spent at this time a solemn ruler in one of the Moscow schools on the occasion of the beginning of academic year.
the president of Association of the Russian banks Sergey Egors and head Association of banks of Asia Peter Favila (it is also president Philippine National Bank) have signed the cooperation agreement. Interest to the Moscow meeting was shown by many Russian banks. In particular, at congress representatives the Bridge - bank, by Inkombanka, Promstrojbanka, Bashcreditbank, banks of the Far East and Siberia have been noticed. The management of Aba has agreed with Mezhprombankom about creation on its base of information centre which will supply the Asian bankers with the economic and financial information. Further the bank expects to become a reloading point for investments which will go from Asia, that is to carry out functions of the intermediary between the government of Russia and Aba. A number of bankers have already expressed interest in investments in the Russian stock market, and also in petroleum industry, but under certain governmental guarantees. Some the Asian banks (Japanese, Philippine and Taiwan) already by the end of this year are going to open representations in Russia. Including China Trust Bank which heads Jeffrey Lin - Son Ku.
By the way, about Jeffrey Ku. The person, it is necessary to tell, rather not ordinary. It belongs to one of four families of the largest land owners on Taiwan, enters into ten the people possessing the largest spare capitals in the world, Whether is the adviser of the president of Taiwan Denhueja and the personal friend of presidents of the largest powers.
to Moscow Jeffrey Ku has arrived on August, 29th by the personal plane Gulf Stream And almost at once has per day taken off for St.-Petersburg. It is rumored that there he tried to agree with the Hermitage about acquisition of several pictures (Jeffrey Ku - the collector largest in Asia, the owner of originals of Renoir and Walked, great admirer Monet). However it is not known, than these negotiations have ended.
but it is known that it managed to find common language with the US president. Here a year Jeffrey Ku`s name flashes on pages of the world press in connection with scandal in America. Republicans have accused Clinton of use the Chinese money for carrying out of the election campaign. $200 million have arrived ostensibly from Taiwan, and the banker, the land owner and collector Jeffrey Ku carried out all financial operation.

Interests of shareholders will coincide with Kokh`s interests
the Former head of State Property Committee Alfred Kokh with September, 1st became the chairman of board of directors of a management company Montes Auri .

Undoubtedly, the company has received the qualified expert with considerable communications and that is much more important, with knowledge of a real situation in privatisation. Already now Montes Auri starts realisation of large investment projects, and also plans to participate in competitions and auctions on sale of actions of the leading Russian enterprises. Here these, the largest and perspective transactions, possibly, also Kokh will be engaged.
though appointed chairman GKI in September of last year Alfred Kokh has held on on the post hardly less year, for this period the largest auctions on sale of state blocks of shares of actions of the privatised enterprises (such, as " have been spent; Svyazinvest and Norilsk nickel ) . Similar experience, it appears, costs nedeshevo. Itself g - n Kokh does not open even the approximate size of the new salary. However, he also is not obliged it to do - now, having ceased to be the official, it should not report publicly for each earned one million.
it is interesting that on Montes Auri mercantile interests of two statesmen working in one command have converged. There present vitse - prime minister Anatoly Chubays held the means as the private investor.

distribution of elephants
the Chairman of the board of National reserve bank Alexander Lebedev has offered two hundred largest corporations and banks of Russia to create a basket of actions for their subsequent distribution to the population.

it is obvious, to Alexander Lebedev do not give rest of monastery of Anatoly Chubays - for the lack of vouchers he wants to offer the action people.
the offer Essence is reduced to the following: two hundreds the largest companies and banks spend additional issue of actions, which with use certain control machinery of government are distributed between pensioners, the disabled veterans deceived by investors, needy and... Officials. Action it, according to Alexander Lebedev, will allow to create similarity of middle class in the country. Subject oschastlivlivaniju officials head NRB explains presence at the list hope that, having received a certain share of the capital in the companies, they will not be engaged more excessive lihoimstvom.
Itself NRB assumes to bring the contribution in a basket of actions at a rate of $100 - 150 million, and, by words a press - the secretary of bank, this sum will be increased.
to data of those who to declare ready for the sake of reception of actions of the highly remunerative enterprises of by the needy official, we inform: Any of two hundreds enterprises has not responded to the offer g - on Lebedev. Well, and if it is serious, NRB, bearing heavy cargo of black pages in the biography, now more than ever needs that it have remembered and have started talking. Therefore to a course there are any means.


to the Signature
the Chairman of the board of National reserve bank Alexander Lebedev wants to distribute to the people new vouchers.
former head GKI Alfred Kokh since September is not the state employee, and so, it does not need to publish the declaration on incomes.
the Asian bankers have given the first word to the chairman of Bank of Russia Sergey Dubinin.