Rus News Journal

The dizziness of the first days of week has passed, and Thursday should become

for the European stockbrokers day of sobering up. “ It seems that neither Germany, nor the USA

will not lower rates “ - one of London
dealers has told in interview to agency REUTER. War with inflation which declared Bundesbank, has not caused due
lifting in souls of the European brokers. Indexes of leading stock exchanges on Wednesday
have designated a tendency to fall, and on Thursday since the morning competition under the motto
“ who will more deeply dive “ has proceeded. The London index FTSE - 100 has fallen on 24,9
point to 2549,8, Parisian SAS - 40 - to 21 point to 1667,93, Frankfurt
DAX - 30 - on 11,83 points to 1446,70.
“ In a stream “ the Finnish stockbrokers have got also: local banks had nothing to please
the compatriots, and long-awaited “ black Thursday “ On Helsinki
to stock exchange has begun with fall of actions of banks. However reafraid in
last days brokers have receded from the principles and immemorial dispute of stockbrokers
and bankers “ who above? “ it was resolved in Suomi in favour of the last: the index on
sections of banks has gone down all on 2,15 %.
the Swiss stockbrokers have decided to struggle with fall of actions through modernisation
- boards of stock exchanges in Zurich, Basel and Geneva have conferred and have decided that it is necessary
to change system of conducting the auctions: electronics will replace a human voice.
in spite of the fact that computers all get in routine broker
a life more strongly, activity of the computer companies does not cause delight on share
stock exchanges. Without expecting anything good from the publication of the data about activity
company IBM for the third quarter, stockbrokers on Uoll - Strit have solved (from a sin
far away) to get rid while of its actions. Actions Blue Mother (as it is familiar
name the computer giant in States) have fallen, having pulled behind itself and others.
because - that the environment also has ended on Nju - to Jorksky stock exchange is pitiable -
Dow`s index - Johns has fallen to the closing moment on 5,94 points to 3195,48. However
the most appreciable event on Uoll - Strit, under agency REUTER messages, became
continuation of fight of the competitors who have gone mad in dollar jungle for souls
new generation and the cooling market - PepsiCo and Coca - Cola. In Ñoca
the part of profits is necessary on company activity on new
the East Europe market.
at the Asian stock exchanges trade on Thursday went variously, but more often
it is good. At the Tokyo stock exchange the majority of investors modestly kept
aside from trading floors, and dealers tried to carry out transactions under actions
the small companies. However in last half an hour the auctions brokers have started actively
to buy up specific Japanese securities - futures on a stock exchange index -
than and increase of index Nikkei - 225 on 284,46 points to 17628,49 have achieved. To
the Tokyo currency stock exchange the wave of sales of dollars for the marks, caused
the statement of board Bundesbanka for readiness for struggle against inflation has come. “ green
a piece of paper “ once again posramlena - at the moment of closing of a stock exchange the dollar went on
120,55 yens and 1,4510 marks.
the Asian philosophical approach to arising problems has helped Hong Kong
to brokers. Without having paid attention that negotiations of Great Britain and China about
financing of building of the new airport of Hong Kong with a crash have failed,
broker firms vigorously took shares. And the fourth day successively joyful
step moves towards to six-thousandth level an index of leading actions
the Hong Kong stock exchange Hang Seng - on closing on Thursday it has risen still
on 106,87 points to 5913,64.
the Nature has helped oil industry workers: in Europe has become cold, and the American stockbrokers
have decided that demand for fuel will not fall. The main problem for them now
- not to allow the price of future contracts of Nju - to fall Jorksky commodity exchange
below the world prices. It as experts assume, can cause chain
fall reaction. While the situation in the oil market was stabilised and in
Wednesday in the evening crude oil with delivery in November in London went on $20,66 for
barrel. And gold all becomes cheaper - yesterday in the morning in London it costed already
$341,75, having fallen at once on $2,20 from the price of evening of environment to $343,95 for trojskuju