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Investigations of the USA and Russia want to co-operate

Yesterday to Moscow with working visit there has arrived the director Central

intelligence service of the USA Robert Gates. During negotiations with
the director of Service of external investigation of Russia academician Evgenie Primakov and
the minister of safety of Russia the general - colonel Victor Barannikovym he
intends to discuss questions of cooperation of the Russian and American special services in
to struggle against the international organised crime, terrorism and
transportation of drugs.

Robert Gates - the youngest director of CIA for all history of this department. He
was born in 1943 in Wichita (State of Kansas) in a family of the dealer automobile
spare parts. In student`s years earned additionally the bus driver. In 1965
has ended college in Virginia with degree of the bachelor of the humanities, in
has received degree of the master of history at university of the State of Indiana, in
1974 - degree of the doctor of philosophy at Dzhordzhtaunsky university 1966.
Specialized on Russian and Soviet history. In 1966 - 68 passed
service in military - air forces of the USA. During service there to it have suggested
to pass interview in CIA then Gates has received in Lengli a place
an analyst. In 1972 - 73 Gates was the adviser of CIA in delegation of the USA on
negotiations on restriction of strategic armaments; in 1973 - 74
developed strategic programs for national investigation; in
1974 - 76 worked in National Security council of the USA; in 1977 - 79
was the main expert of National Security council on investigation; in
1979 - 81 - the director of the Center of strategic estimations of CIA; in 1981 - 82
supervised over prospecting operations against the USSR on a post of the director
Managements of political planning of CIA. With 1982 on 1986 Gates was
the deputy director of CIA on investigation, in 1983 became the chairman
National committee on investigation, in 1986 - the first deputy
directors of CIA. In 1988 US president George Bush has appointed Gates the first
the assistant to the assistant to the president on national safety, and on May, 14th
has put forward on a post of the director of CIA 1991.

the American experts characterise Robert Gates as vigorous,
the erudite and competent scout - the professional different
by powerful analytical abilities and the big degree of fidelity
of administration under which it works. Robert Gates`s present visit
was planned as continuation of negotiations about cooperation which the head of the Russian investigation Evgenie Primakov during the trip in
Washington in November, 1991 Then at meetings with representatives American
administrations Primakov discussed questions of interaction of two countries in
maintenance of world strategic stability. One year ago this
unprecedented visit became result of some steps towards to American
to colleagues from a management of the Russian prospecting department.
one of Primakov`s predecessors did not appear in the USA in official quality
the head of investigation. The former chief of KGB general Vladimir Krjuchkov was only
a member of the Soviet delegation during the Washington summit in
1987, and for unaware Americans was registered the lawyer .
Under Primakov`s made it after visit to America the statement, Russian
investigation should search fields of coincidence of national interests with interests
other states recognising that at it is not present constant allies,
constant opponents. However independent observers notice that in
present difficult economic conditions which render considerable
influence on world positions of Russia, the director of the Russian investigation
will be compelled to give particular attention to interests of the USA. However experts believe,
that for the sake of calm of Americans Russia hardly will go on essential
reduction of the prospecting activity and number rezidentury in
to America as it have made postrevolutionary the governments of the countries East
Europe, compelled to satisfy the requirement of the American management about
investigation curling in territory of the USA.
Both Russian, and American the parties while persistently abstain from
any comments, concerning details of a present trip
head Lengli. Earlier the chairman of committee of the Supreme body of Russia on
Sergey Stepashin has declared to questions of defence and safety that Gates`s arrival in
Moscow speaks aspiration of two investigations to cooperation and the director of CIA
will bring with itself the plan of joint struggle with international organised
criminality, terrorism and narcobusiness. As to the last Gates
and Primakov will possibly try to agree, in particular, about joint
actions against transportation of drugs from Jugo - East Asia to Europe and
the USA through the Russian transport knots. The first meeting of heads of the world`s largest
investigations has taken place yesterday.
As have informed in a press - service of the president of Russia, for today on 11. 00 Robert Gates`s conversation with Boris Yeltsin is planned
. Speech most likely will go about control
over the strategic and chemical weapon in territories of republics of the former USSR
and leak prevention to the third countries connected with this type of weapon
components, technologies and materials.
observers do not exclude that during a trip to Moscow Gates will visit
also intelligence school in Moscow suburbs and a staff - apartment of the Russian investigation in
Yasenevo. Some sources assert also that meetings in
the ministry of safety of Russia concerning transfer to the American special services
archival materials about the American scouts opened by former KGB of the USSR in
years " are planned; cold war and visiting of St.-Petersburg.
According to independent experts, results of the Moscow negotiations of Gates can
make certain impact on a course of present election campaign in the USA and
undoubtedly should affect essentially the future Russian - American