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America Russia has presented a loaf

As the president of joint-stock company

" has informed on October, 15th in conversation with the correspondent; eksporthleb the firm has carried out purchases for the sum of $124 million of the account
the food demand line of credit guaranteed by the government of the USA.

Arrival of winter to Russia, perhaps, will not be apprehended this time as
unforeseen act of nature. Still on September, 10th the minister rural
Edward Medigan (Edward Madigan) has declared economy of the United States,
having pleased domestic farmers and the public that the administration of the USA
has decided to give Russia the governmental guarantees on delivery
the foodstuffs, grain and albuminous forages for a $1150 million total sum, from which
$900 million - on credit conditions, $250 million - as food
to the help.
the Demand line of credit has started to be used on October, 1st. On October, 9th, after
the first credit $100 million have ended, the American side declared about
readiness to give next $525 million
to Provide the conclusion of contracts on purchase of grain, the foodstuffs and forages
it is entrusted to Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, and also firms
eksporthleb and prodintorg (according to the co-ordinated schedule
uses of given means).
As the president " has informed; eksporthleba Oleg Klimov, the demand line of credit not
stands idle, and on account of last credit portion ($525 million) 13 -
are concluded on October, 14th contracts on corn purchase (on $40 million) and soya shrotta (on $84
Thus, the remarkable picture appears: at us will be not only
bread, but also meat (if, of course, forages reach the addressees). Well and then
food aid all the same will appear in time.