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Sensation of the Constitutional court: us communists

On Thursday on a press corrected - in the Constitutional court representatives of the presidential party have announced conferences sensational as they said, the documents taken from archive of the former secretary general of the Central Committee of the CPSU (archive of the president) on a main role of a communistic management in katynskom execution of the Polish prisoners of war and in origin of the Afghani war.

the Presidential party has presented to journalists the decision of the Political bureau of 1940, ordering to the National commissariat of internal affairs to sentence to execution without court of 22 thousand Polish prisoners of war and civilians. In 1959 the head of KGB Shelepin has written the letter to Khruschev with the request to resolve destruction of the most voluminous traces - packs of registration affairs of prisoners of war. The Political bureau has agreed. In August, 1970 documents on this business have been withdrawn from a special folder the Political bureaus also are allocated in sealed up a package #1 . Some pages of the report have been pulled out from a folder. Then almost every year decisions of the Political bureau on repulse " were made; West smear campaign . In 1988 it has been decided to equip places of a burial place and to admit to them citizens of Poland, caused on a press - conferences such comment of lawyer Andrey Makarova: the Murderer decorates a tomb of victims .
Representatives of the president underlined that all higher party heads, including Michael Gorbachev, were in the know and meaningly misinformed the public. Sergey Shahraj has evaded the question on numerous questions on, whether the criminal charge can eks - to be shown the secretary general, referring to full incompetence in this question. Andrey Makarov has assumed that suitable articles will be nedonesenie and concealment . The chairman of the Constitutional court Valery Zorkin considers that refusal of participation in process Gorbachev tries to put itself in position of the detached onlooker. Zorkin has not excluded that the Constitutional court and both parties will refuse Gorbachev`s indications as from an unnecessary ballast as indications of the former secretary general quite can mislead court. Representatives of the president expressed bewilderment in connection with interest of the press to Gorbachev`s destiny. However this interest which has flashed at the Russian and foreign journalists, it is easy to explain: Gorbachev`s incident in frameworks has put the CPSU has put the extremely important legal questions. In tomorrow`s number will return to their more detailed consideration.
the package of the documents concerning the beginning of the Afghani war, has been urged to prove that on the one hand, the decision on input of armies to Afghanistan was accepted not group of heads And proxy bodies of the CPSU, and on the other hand - without participation of state structures. Confirming to this thought the decision of the Political bureau handwritten by K.Chernenko and placed by the secretary general not in " has been read; a special folder the Political bureau, and in the safe. In the decision it is offered to Antropov, Ustinovu and Gromyko to develop measures on a situation in Afghanistan. More later the decision approves the measures developed by these three companions, and also contains a greeting to the new Prosoviet leader of Afghanistan.
representatives of the president have finished a press - conference by the statement: We lived in the country completely operated the CPSU .
At session of the court new documents have been published: about direct participation of leaders of the CPSU in execution of peace workers in Novocherkassk.