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before a departure to Moscow from Cheboksary at the airport has been detained Not so long ago the singer

Not so long ago before a departure to Moscow from Cheboksary at the airport singer Valery Meladze and its collective has been detained. Peace officers demanded to return in cash desk of a local philharmonic society of 8 million roubles. Otherwise militiamen threatened that this flight musicians will not return to Moscow .
the incident History is that. G - n Meladze has gone to tour round on seven cities of the Volga region. Cheboksary became last, seventh point also. All calculations with the actor during this round were conducted by an advance payment principle.
when the manager of the singer has arrived in the afternoon to cash desk of a Cheboksary philharmonic society, to it declared that calculation with it will be conducted on percent That is depending on sale of tickets. Tickets, according to producer Meladze g - on Fridljanda, were on sale very badly from - that advertising in a city practically was absent, one poster hung only, and the others as souvenirs have dispersed on hands of local officials. As, however, as well as free invitation .
On the claim of the manager g - on Meladze, instead of the penalty for concert failure, in a philharmonic society have suggested to take as indemnification all money available in cash desk - 8 million roubles. However on cancellation of a concert of spectators have not informed, and by 19 o`clock at a philharmonic society the indignant crowd has accumulated and the hearing that ostensibly " has spread; Meladze has removed cash desk and has disappeared . G - n Meladze intends to make the judicial claim about honour and dignity protection to organizers of the concerts in the city of Cheboksary.

Never before Evgenie Kafelnikov was not so is close to the second racket of the world to Michael Chang (rupture in world classification of only 20 points), as before tournament ATP in Hanover. A prize fund of this tournament - 3,3 million dollars. For participation in tournament each sportsman received on 80 thousand dollars, for each victory in preliminary tournament - 100 thousand dollars, for the won semi-final - 360 thousand, for a victory in the ending - 700 thousand. Thus, the winner of tournament has received 1,4 million dollars. G - n Kafelnikov, having left draw at a preliminary stage, has earned, nevertheless, 80 thousand dollars.

the director of the program MuzOboz Svetlana Mihajlova has got last week in dorozhno - transport incident. In its green Volkswagen Golf parked on the Garden ring around Majakovsky, in full operation behind has driven the nine . G - zha Mihajlova has estimated a damage put to the car, as follows: Hardly it is necessary to repair it. It any more the car, and a floor - the car. I have decided it to sell. After this failure residual cost of that was called Golf earlier, makes no more than 3 - 3,5 thousand dollars .

The award under the name Sports elite will appear now and at sportsmen. Awards following the results of 1996 will be handed over in January of the next year. Results will bring on seven nominations: 10 best sportsmen of year (the man and the woman), the best trainer of year, the best children`s trainer, the best sports doctor, the best scientist in the field of the Olympic preparation, the best sports journalist, the best sports debut of year. The award means monetary compensation at a rate of 5 million 500 thousand roubles (about 1000 dollars). The award is founded by the Olympic committee of Russia.

last week in the Big hall of the Moscow state conservatory the concert " has taken place; Memories of great Russian singer Feodor Ivanovicha Shalyapin with Irina Arhipovoj`s participation. Expenses for concert carrying out have made about 18 thousand dollars. From them - 7,5 thousand musicians of an orchestra have received, 3 thousand has left on hall rent. Irina Arhipovoj`s fee for this concert has made 1 thousand dollars. (For comparison: fees of variety executors for one concert - from 2,5 to 8 thousand dollars).
it is interesting that the concert was an exact copy of that has passed slightly earlier in Karnegi Hall. On hearings, the fee of the singer in the USA was several times above. However neither the singer, nor its environment have not dared to name the exact sum.

singer Sergey Chelobanov unexpectedly became the owner of red Jeep Wrangler. After performance in club Golden Palace occasionally dvuhletija institutions, to it as well as to other actors, as a gift have handed over the entrance ticket participating in a lottery. (The ticket cost 250 thousand rubles). The prize has fallen on the free ticket g - on Chelobanova. Similar lotteries in this club - a casino are spent every Tuesday. However, usually among visitors prizes more modestly - as a rule, cellular telephones are played.

in 40 - 50 million dollars the new house of the owner of company Microsoft Bill Gates is estimated. Meanwhile, in 1986 - m to year when Gates has started to project the house, its prospective price did not exceed 10 million.
building is conducted 10 years and to spring of the next year, at last, will be finished. Five bunkers, connected by transitions, occupy 4500 square metres. In the main case, except premises and three kitchens, are located: theatre on 20 spectators, a boardroom on hundred persons, a private library from 15 thousand volumes. The open and closed baths with mineral water, pool 18 - ti metres at length basketball and tennis courts are not forgotten. Behind the house - underground garage on 20 cars, managed in 1,4 million dollars residence of the chief of protection and a cottage for visitors. When the house will be furnished, its cost will increase on pair millions dollars.

began dangerous to translate the large sums of money for the bank account. After sorokashestiletny the employee of CIA Harold Nicholson has brought 20 thousand dollars into the account, it has got for the first time under suspicion. On purchase of the car which it has simultaneously given out to the son (besides that its salary did not exceed 12 thousand 73 thousand dollars a year), have definitively convinced CIA about presence at Nicholson left incomes. Now it is threatened with a life imprisonment, and can be, and the death sentence. Him accuse of espionage in favour of the Russian investigation.
Nicholson have detained on November, 16th in Dulles International Airport near Washington. According to CIA, it flied to Switzerland on a meeting with the Russian owners to which should transfer classified documents. As confirms CIA, on the Russian investigation Harold Nicholson has received for two years of work from Moscow of 120 thousand dollars.
by the way, the Soviet agent Oldridzh Ejms arrested by security service of the USA in 1994, on KGB has received for nine years of work of 5 million dollars (on the average, on 550 thousand a year).

the Ornament of annual jeweller auction Sotheby`s in Geneva steels of a jewelry of the Russian empress. The necklace has been made of emeralds and brilliants for Catherine II. The Russian tsarina is no time has presented to its John Hobartu, the Second the column Buckingham. Hobart, a court handsome man and the lady`s man, in the memoirs unambiguously hinted at special goodwill to it of Ekaterina. The necklace known among collectors under name Lothian Emeralds, was offered on the auctions at the price - 1 million Swiss francs (about 800 thousand dollars). Contrary to expectations, struggle for it went inertly enough. The unknown buyer has irresolutely raised the price with 700 to 950 thousand francs - and on it has stopped. Owners of a necklace to concede 50 thousand francs have not wished. As a result it and remains not sold.

the information empire Teda Ternera has a little reeled. For first nine months 1996 losses of its company have reached 200 million dollars. Tedu Turner quickly had to get rid of system of telecasting Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). The president of Hollywood company Time Warner Inc. Dzherri Levin still offered one year ago Turner of 8 billion dollars for TBS. And here the transaction has taken place - Time Warner has got TBS together with its cable networks and its debts which make 21,6 million dollars. At the disposal of Turner remained CNN.
But net profit of Ruperta Merdoka (News Corporation Ltd.) With which g - n Turner so has temperamentally quarrelled concerning joint financing of a round-the-clock cable information channel (see Money #38, 1996), for the first quarter of current year has made 224 million dollars. It, truth, on 8. 1 % percent less than its incomes last year for the same period. The statistics, most likely, not too disturbs g - on Merdoka who is assured that in comparison with last year it will manage to increase company net profit by 20 %. So, cash gathering from film Independence Day already have made more than 670 million dollars. And incomes of placing of advertising and a subscription in the British newspapers The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times - for a summer have increased on 18 %. Besides, Merdok gets additional profit on reduction of prices on the press of own editions.

11 million dollars has brought 34 - to summer boxer Evanderu Holifildu a victory over Mike Tyler in fight for a rank of the world champion on boxing in a super heavyweight. (This sum of Holifild has added to the 100 - to a million condition). The meeting passed on ring MGM Grand in Las - Vegase. In the eleventh round of Holifild has sent iron Mike in a knockout. Meanwhile, lost has received for this fight almost three times more than the winner, - 30 million dollars.

at last - that suit on Claude Gjuble`s business has come to the end (which, as it is known, is the author of the infamous book the Great Secret in which Francois Mitterand`s clinical course is in detail described. See Money #4, #35, 1996). The Parisian tribunal has estimated the mental cruelty, the put Daniel Mitterand, in 20 thousand dollars. Children of the president (two son and the daughter) will receive from g - on Gjuble on 16 thousand dollars everyone. On distribution Great Secret the court has imposed a ban.

magazine Bunte has published the next list of the best restaurants of Germany. A palm have handed over to restaurant Schwarzwaldstube of hotel Traube of the city of Bajersbronn. The Head cook - Harald Volfard. The dinner from five dishes will manage here in 170 marks. From seven - a maximum 205. However, the little table should be ordered for four - six weeks. Especially on Christmas.
on the second place restaurant from small town Ashau Residenz Winkler which in comparison with last year has risen on four points. The cook - Hajnts Vinkler. The restaurant is located in picturesque mountain plain. The dinner from 5 dishes costs here 145 marks. A supper from 8 dishes - 198 marks. Firm dishes: fish and a venison in the salty test. On the third place Zur Traube in small town Grevenbroh, head cook Diter L. Kaufmann.
On the fourth - hotel Sonnora restaurant in Vittlih - Drejs, the head cook - Helmut Tajltges. The dinner from 5 dishes costs 139 marks. From 7 - 169. The little table should be ordered not later than for one week.
on the fifth - restaurant Schweizer Stuben, the head cook - Frits Shilling. The dinner from 5 dishes will manage in 138 marks. From 7 - 198 marks. Firm dishes: stewed edges of a bull, a tartlet with pigeons. Order a little table for 2 - 3 weeks.
further follow: 6 - e a place - Bareiss (head cook Klaus - Perer of Lamps) in Bajersbronne; 7 - e - Tantris (Hans Haas) in Munich; 8 - e - hotel Schlosshotel restaurant - Lerbach (Diter Muller) in Bergish Gladbahe; 9 - e - Im Schiffchen (Jean - Claude Burgel) in Dusseldorf; 10 - e - Le Val d`or (Johan Lafer) in Shtromberge.