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Rejection on - gubernatorski

Yesterday the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdjukov on air of a broadcasting company HUNDRED has informed that he will not head a regional pre-election staff of the candidate in Dmitry Medvedev`s presidents, and will be engaged in administrative preparation of elections. Till now heads of subjects of federation of similar statements did not allow themselves (at least, before appointment of heads of regional staffs) - and Valery Serdjukova`s ill-wishers already name yesterday`s rejection by a sign of fast resignation of the regional head.
Valery Serdjukov has made the statement in enough every day conditions - during a working trip to Priozersk area of Leningrad region where the new school opened. After school opening the telecorrespondent has approached to the governor and has asked a question on duty, whether will head Dmitry Medvedev`s that pre-election staff across Leningrad region. Valery Serdjukov who, under the genre law, should start to shirk and leave from the answer (so arrive in a similar ticklish situation the majority of regional heads), after small fluctuations and memoirs on experience of elections of 2007 has unexpectedly declared that a staff other person " will head;. And he, the governor of Leningrad region, will incur administrative work on preparation and elections.
the frank answer of the regional head has puzzled both allies, and political opponents, both the subordinated officials, and deputies - all of them have found it difficult to explain a position of mister Serdjukova as for all of them the demarche of the regional head became a bolt from the blue. It is not surprising: sources in a federal management an United Russia assert that the question on heads of selective staffs in regions was not discussed yet, - by data, decisions will be accepted within this week. It turns out, mister Serdjukov declared the refusal, without waiting even considerations of its nominee.
though outwardly mister Serdjukov has arrived quite consistently - it never supervised over pre-election staffs of the candidate in Vladimir Putin`s presidents (both times the first was engaged in it vitse - governor Vladimir Kirillov), - some functionaries of regional branch an United Russia have already made from yesterday`s statements far-reaching conclusions that in today`s conditions the statement of the governor can testify to fragility of its positions . Under their version, Valery Serdjukov can leave the post right after presidential election or shortly before them. Hearings about resignation, we will remind, have quickened after elections in the State Duma. In March on elections in Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region United Russia party members have typed only 35 % of votes though the party branch promised 45 %, and on elections in the State Duma in December - 59 % of votes against the promised 70 %. In both cases candidate lists an United Russia Valery Serdjukov headed. Besides, and remained relations of head of area with Dmitry Medvedev are not clear: on its promotion in candidates for presidents the governor has not given any comments (in difference, say, from Valentina Matvienko). Besides the area government here cannot appoint some months the representative in federation Council, and observers do not exclude the scenario at which this post plays a role of spare airdrome for Valery Serdjukova.
Alexander Konfisahor