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From factory Dzerzhinsky will saw off a part

the Basic platform of factory of a name of Dzerzhinsky bankruptcy being in procedure, can be exposed on sale. With a view of reduction of costs the administration discusses possibility of carrying over of capacities on other territory - a platform 5. Experts believe that 40 hectares of the earth on the first platform will be interesting to builders. The basic creditor of factory - a group of companies RIAL Yury Borisovtsa is not denied by the interest to this territory. Yesterday a press - service FGUP Machine-building factory of a name of F.E.Dzerzhinsky (ZiD) has informed that in 2008 carrying over of capacities of the enterprise will begin with the basic platform 1 (opposite to the Perm state university) on a platform 5 (in 3-4 km from the first). Within a year the equipment, all auxiliary services and zavodoupravlenie there will move. Besides, in plans of 2008 - to reduce release of civil production and subsequently completely to pass to military production. Thus, the plan of external management of ZiD has undergone changes. As informs a press - the service, was supposed earlier that the fifth platform will be just sold. but it would allow to extinguish only existing debts of the enterprise, without leaving means for its development - it is told in the factory message.

However, chief executive ZiD Denis Bronnikov has explained that the final decision about it still is not present, while only is found out, whether there is a technical possibility for carrying over. According to mister Bronnikova, the fifth platform more compact, more modern (it is placed in operation in 70 - e years), will spend modernisation on it easier: as he said, for purchase of the new equipment it is planned to spend 250 million roubles. On the contrary, on a platform of 1 buildings stand it is isolated, thus the factory should pay for rent of the earth monthly the large sum. Besides, some buildings on a platform 1 have already got to the plan of external management. For example, a building table (1,6 thousand sq.) which is exposed on the auctions for 43 million roubles. if will be technically possible to release the first platform the decision should be co-ordinated with set of departments - Rospromom, Rostehnadzorom and so on - Denis Bronnikov has noted.

FGUP Machine-building factory of F.E.Dzerzhinsky makes benzopily ( Friendship Ural Mountains the Taiga ) Pumps for water, separators, products of a machine-building and radio-electronic profile, defence production. An accounts payable total sum - 960 million roubles. The basic creditors - tax departments and a group of companies RIAL Yury Borisovtsa. According to plan of external management the enterprise will be deduced from procedure of bankruptcy at the expense of sale of not profile actives. While it only our intention. Creditors should approve it, - has explained zamgendirektora groups RIAL Arthur Vasilev. - the Enterprise can go in on one platform and thus to lower the cost price of production and to leave on profitableness . Mister Vasilev assumes that the property will be separately on sale on objects as on clearing of a platform of time is not present (one month ago management procedure so has been prolonged for half a year. - ). all it still demands detailed study. From the point of view of technological the question is worked, but with financial - is not present. While there is no also a planned schedule - Arthur Vasilev has added.

Experts consider that the factory platform will be interesting not by objects on it, and first of all the ground area. The territory makes about 40 hectares. The similar way of reception of the ground areas being in the federal property began be used actively recently. Sale of property of former airport Baharevka became the most scandalous transaction. Then directly objects have been sold for 73 million roubles gone bankrupt FGUP, however the winner of the auctions has received also a site of 123 hectares in rent almost for five years. The indignant regional authorities estimated a real sum of transaction in 5 mlrd roubles. In the same way ZiD can sell stadium Dzerzhinets (8 hectares). The general director of a group of companies RIAL Yury Borisovets already confirmed that the stadium is interesting first of all from - for the earths and subsequently will be sold.

to estimate possible cost of a site on a platform 1 experts in the market were at a loss. If to build on it habitation the status of an industrial zone demands carrying out of public hearings, the general director of the building company " has noted; the Kamsky valley Andrey Gladikov. But, for example, the earth around stadium Dzerzhinets Yury Borisovets estimated approximately in $2 million for hectare. I think that applicants will be. A site successful, almost in the centre. Even if to use under commercial real estate - Andrey Gladikov considers. Thus in RIAL do not hide the interest in this platform. Arthur Vasilev has not excluded that the company will participate in the auctions. He considers that the RIAL will not have any advantages before other possible applicants.
Anastas Kostin