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BNP Paribas the French bank group BNP Paribas later 15 years comes back to Petersburg

has decided to return to St.-Petersburg. The group intends to open branch in Northern capital. The bank will give all types of service for physical persons, an average and small-scale business, and also large corporate clients. Participants of the market consider that, despite the popularity in Europe, to bank will uneasy occupy the big share in Petersburg from - for a high competition in the market of bank services. All will depend on what volume of risks can incur the Petersburg branch.
group BNP Paribas intends to open the branch in Petersburg in first half of 2008. The representative has told about it a press - group services in Russia. while the branch is not registered, but it will occur in first half of 2008 - it has explained.
besides the basic branch the bank intends to open in Northern capital some points for work with clients. The bank will represent a full spectrum of services: for physical persons, an average and small-scale business and for large corporate clients, the representative has assured a press - services. The nominee operating branch is on the coordination in GU the Central Bank and while his name is not disclosed.
group BNP Paribas has opened the representation in Russia in 1974. At the moment group BNP Paribas is presented to Russia by two key directions: corporate and investment banking, and also the international retail financial services. In July, 2002 BNP Paribas has obtained the licence for rendering of all kinds of bank services which has been given out affiliated bank of Joint-Stock Company BNP Pariba . The group possesses a network of branches more than in 85 countries of the world. In 2007 BNP Paribas has obtained the licence of bank of Russia for rendering of bank services physical and to legal bodies that became a reference point for development of the retail project in Russia of KB BNP Pariba the East . Following the results of nine months 2007 group BNP Paribas net profit has made 6,8 mlrd, the income - 7,69 billion Joint-Stock Company PNB Pariba occupies 67 - e a place among banks of Russia on a net wealth (33 mlrd roubles).
It not the first arrival of group to Petersburg. BNP in 1993 opened here French - the German bank BNP Dresdner Bank, however subsequently, in 2000, roads BNP and Dresdner Bank have dispersed. German Dresdner Bank and French BNP Paribas have reorganised joint activity in the Eastern Europe. As a result a daughter banks BNP Dresdner Bank in Russia became completely German. The bank has replaced the name on Dresdner Bank ZAO and stirred up activity in investment business.
now at Petersburg already is present 100 - percentage affiliated structure of French group BNP Paribas - company Cetelem specialising on consumer crediting. The company offers the financial services in points of sales of partners (retail networks, autodealers, motor-car manufacturers).
Cetelem wins first place in sphere of consumer crediting in continental Europe and France. The company is presented in 29 countries on 4 continents. Cetelem acts in a role of the business partner of trading networks, banks and the insurance companies. After opening of branch the company will continue work in a former mode.
meanwhile with the universal bank hardly something will change returning of the large European player in the bank market of Petersburg. the large French companies which could become clients of bank, not so it is a lot of in Petersburg, besides here already there is a French bank BSGV. Hardly something will change with arrival BNP Paribas to Petersburg - the representative of the western bank in Petersburg argues. And the president of the Baltic financial agency Evgenie Lotvinov is assured that with arrival BNP Paribas of change will be: After all arrival of any western bank always toughens a competition .
According to the banker of the western bank, share BNP Paribas will make at first no more than 1 % in Petersburg from - for the big competition of already come banks. However, if the bank uses an aggressive policy - actively to be advertised, buy up credit portfolios can occupy more essential share in the market of Petersburg, he considers. And mister Lotvinov is assured that success BNP Paribas will depend on that, that will be authorised to the Petersburg branch what limits will be given branch under credits to corporate clients and also what will be volume of risk of decision-making.
it is required to branch ones and a half - two years for development and formation in the market of Petersburg, the chairman of the supervisory board of bank " considers; St.-Petersburg Indrek Nejvelt. the Bank will need to construct and strengthen a command. To find all premises for offices and to equip them, therefore it will be possible to judge results after the lapse of time - he considers.
Anna Ahmedova