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In a uniform impulse

In Voronezh election campaign at elections of the mayor which will pass on March, 2nd - simultaneously with presidential grows. The municipal electoral committee has registered already eight candidates from 21 promoted workers. The campaign outcome is unpredictable: the regional elite could not be consolidated round a creature an United Russia - the chairman gordumy Sergey Koliuha. Struggle for an armchair of the mayor have entered not only oppositionists, but also the visible members of the same party of mister Koliuha who are self-promoted workers. For yesterday evening the municipal electoral committee has registered eight candidates: the speaker gordumy Sergey Koliuha, deputies Andrey Pomerantseva, Galina Kudryavtsev, Victor Vitinika, vitse - speaker Alexander Zhukov, the deputy of regional Duma Andrey Zotkina, eks - head MUP PATP - 5 Oleg Sviridov and the director of Open Company Assistance Plus Lyudmila Popovu. On applicants the commission will accept the Final decision on January, 16th. The basic intrigue of growing campaign is given by that circumstance that, besides mister Koliuha who has been officially put forward an United Russia intend to stand and other appreciable United Russia party members - arbitration managing director MUP the Water canal of Voronezh and a member of presidium regotdelenija the parties in power Alexey Karjakin, the deputy gordumy and businessman Victor Vitinik who leans against a command of former mayor Alexander Kovaleva (in the end of 2003 under rigid pressure of the regional authorities of the town governor who has left an armchair), and also the head of Kashirsky area Yury Matveev.

it is necessary to carry operating mayor Boris Skrynnikova, the oppositionist To number of favourites of pre-election race Galina Kudryavtsev, vitse - the speaker gordumy and the former leader regotdelenija the Russian party of pensioners of Alexander Zhukov, the promoted worker of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Andrey Pomerantseva, spravorossa, the deputy and businessman Alexander Sysoyev.

the Pre-election configuration develops in such a manner that any of favourites has no overweight over the others. In particular, to Sergey Koliuhu, despite support an United Russia it is not necessary to count on a serious administrative resource. Governor Vladimir Kulakov publicly did not declare mister Koliuha the creature. However, its silence can mean that the party in power has considered errors of 2004, when open support of the head of region and an United Russia has not helped their promoted worker - eks - the head of Kominternovsky area Ivan Obraztsovu. Also mister Kulakov has dissuaded from participation in campaign of the deputy of regional Duma, the owner of holding Furniture of Chernozem region Nikolay Posluhaeva, had time to get support of business circles. On the other hand, the governor braked the coordination of a nominee of the speaker gordumy, leaning against business - grouping led by Leonid Zenishchevym, as the candidate from an United Russia trying to put forward more loyal figure.

Sergey Koliuh did not become for local establishment the consolidated candidate to what self-promotion of its members of the same party testifies. At the same time the notice on participation in campaign was submitted by the head of regional licence chamber Arcady Mozhaitov - the old member of team of governor Vladimir Kulakova. And vitse - the speaker gordumy Alexander Zhukov is the nephew of the spouse of the head of region and enters into its environment. By data , zamglavy the Kremlin administration Vladislav Surkov has already allowed private instructions not to co-ordinate PR Sergey Koliuha to campaign of the successor of the head of the state, the first vitse - prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. Mister Koliuh positions itself as the city leader that has something in common with a pre-election course an United Russia which declared the last state elections to Duma a referendum trust to Vladimir Putin.

according to observers, necessity to struggle for an armchair of the mayor both with oppositionists, and with operating mayor, and with members of the same party puts mister Koliuha in one number with other candidates, and the outcome of elections does unpredictable. A current deal those who applies for protest electorate, and " can use; dark horses - the people who earlier were not participating in the politician. On protest voices, obviously, Galina Kudryavtsev applies. However for similar electorate with it communist Andrey Pomerantsev struggles. At the same time it already became the initiator the National referendum about trust to Boris Skrynnikovu, objectively having accompanied Sergey Koliuhu who has started the project the National budget - Also in peak to the operating mayor.

apparently, United Russia party member Victor Vitinik counts on voters with protest moods and not defined. It, however, already undertook unsuccessful efforts to get on reception to the governor. Besides to electorate Alexander Sysoyev, in the end of the past year after the conflict to Boris Skrynnikovym left with a post of head MUP " appeals spravoross; Management of the main architect . Rough election campaign was developed also by the building magnate Sergey Lesnikov who is the son-in-law of chief Jugo - Anatoly Volodko`s East railway. Until now it has not been noticed in political activity and has hanged out on all city billboards with an appeal to townspeople to begin to live on - chelovecheski .

Other candidates who have been not lighted in public activity, do not show serious activity. As local observers assume, a part from them represent itself as doublers. By data , eks - head MUP PATP - 5 Oleg Sviridov, for example, stands on purpose to support Sergey Koliuha, and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Our command Andrey Ermakov - Alexey Karjakina. An exception is the deputy of regional Duma, a member of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Andrey Zotkin who has openly declared intention to act in film in support of mister Koliuha but while conducts own election campaign. The deputy Galina Kudryavtsev considers that flow of applicants for a mayor armchair testifies to promotion by the basic figurants of the doublers, which primary goal - to wet opponents .

the Vice-president of executive committee regotdelenija an United Russia Vyacheslav Agapov has declared that all United Russia party members who have been put forward along with officially supported candidate, - infringers of party discipline which demands to submit to decisions of the party majority. However, mister Agapov has noticed that before the termination of elections orgvyvody to do early - applicants have a possibility to remove the nominee. Though it is clear that for a number from them an exception from an United Russia - quite good PR - a course taking into account that on elections in the State Duma the party in power has received in the regional centre hardly probable not the worst result on the country in whole (48,16 % of voices). Nevertheless the head of Kashirsky area Yury Matveev has told that anybody concerning refusal of participation in elections did not talk to it, and in a management most an United Russia in its opinion, on occurrence in mister Koliuha of competitors - members of the same party wink . As he said, if the nominee of the speaker gordumy was balanced and the inner-party discussion which have passed through a sieve, anybody from Party members would not dare with it to compete.

Andrey ChervakovNeOfItSiAlNyE CANDIDATES For the MAYOR For yesterday evening the municipal electoral committee of Voronezh needed to make the decision on registration on elections of the mayor on the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Our command to Andrey Ermakovu, competitive managing director MUP the Water canal of Voronezh to Alexey Karjakinu, the chief executive of Open Company SVS - Voronezh to Sergey Lesnikovu, the head of administration of Kashirsky area Yury Matveevu, jobless Peter Meshkovu, to the doctor of the fourth polyclinic Elena Miletinoj, the head of regional licence chamber Arcady Mozhaitovu, mayor Boris Skrynnikovu, the deputy gordumy to Alexander Sysoyev, zamgendirektora Open Company Financial technologies to Vadim Frolov, military pensioners Gennady Tsaregorodtsevu and Vladimir Yushchenko, the director of Open Company the System - Art to Alexander Chursanovu. And the chairman of left-bank territorial election committee, eks - head of a regional justice Alexander Rykov has removed the nominee.