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“ Uralsevergaz “ leave alone with the consumer

Yesterday GAZEKS (it is supervised KES - Holding) has declared revision of the scheme of work in 2008 with consumers and the supplier of gas - “ Uralsevergazom “ (a daughter “ Itera “) . Gazoraspredelitelnaja the company intends to refuse the conclusion of tripartite contracts. From this year she will sign agreements only with consumers, and consumers - with “ Uralsevergazom “. It, speak in GAZEKSe, corresponds to market realities. In “ Uralsevergaze “ consider that the new scheme will not allow the company to supervise receipt of gas to end users. Therefore the supplier demands through court to oblige GAZEKS to sign the tripartite agreement. As the director of the Ekaterinburg branch of Open Company " has told; GAZEKS - Management “ Denis Pasler, with 2002 for 2007 in Sverdlovsk area tripartite agreements - between the supplier of gas (" were really entered into; Uralsevergazom “) transportirovshchikom (GAZEKS) and the consumer. “ however by 2008 we have decided to pass to other scheme according to which two bilaterial contracts consist: one between the supplier and the consumer, another - between gazoraspredelitelnoj the company and the consumer “ - he has informed. According to mister Paslera, it is connected by that tripartite contracts demanded additional technical agreements in which, the account of gas, responsibility of consumers and GAZEKSa for safety of gas questions of control over observance of modes of gas consumption separately registered in networks. “ in the bilaterial contract with the consumer all these nuances are considered “ - it has explained. Also mister Pasler has added that practice of bilateral agreements and is most advantageously applied for a long time in the majority of regions of Russia. According to the head of Ekaterinburg branch GAZEKS, such scheme of work corresponds to market realities as, in particular, allows the consumer to choose alternative “ Uralsevergazu “ the supplier. “ for example, he can buy fuel at a stock exchange at lower prices. And such precedents already were “ - mister Pasler has noted.

Group of companies GAZEKS is formed in 2005 on the basis of several gazoraspredelitelnyh the regional enterprises. Provides gas supply of consumers in the Moscow, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Chita areas and in Udmurtiya, and also operates five gazoraspredelitelnymi the organisations of Ukraine. Joint-Stock Company “ GAZEKS “ it is created in 1997 on base mezhrajgaza, serving 13 municipalities of the south of Sverdlovsk area. Enters into a group of companies “ Renova “ Victor Vekselberg. Joint-Stock Company “ Uralsevergaz “ - affiliated company MGK “ Itera “. Since 1999 is the basic supplier of gas in Sverdlovsk area. It is planned that in 2008 the volume of deliveries of natural gas in region will make to 20, 144 mlrd cubic metre. However in “ Uralsevergaze “ insist on the conclusion of tripartite contracts which were earlier annually prolonged. “ the order of transportation offered Joint-Stock Company “ĂŔÇÝĘŃ“ under bilateral contracts, in - the first, does not provide safety of gas “Uralsevergaza“ in distributive pipes. In - the second, the specified scheme contradicts the current legislation as the right of the conclusion of the contract to transportation of gas with gazoraspredelitelnoj the organisation (GRO) its proprietor - in this case possesses, Joint-Stock Company “Óđŕëńĺâĺđăŕç“ “ - has noted a press - the secretary of Joint-Stock Company “ Uralsevergaz “ Oleg Vlasov. As he said, after this question did not manage to be solved routinely, the company has made decision to address in Sverdlovsk arbitration court. In the claim to Joint-Stock Company “ GAZEKS “ the supplier demands to force the respondent to the conclusion of the tripartite contract of transportation of the gas which is subject to delivery in 2008 to buyers, connected to networks specified gazoraspredelitelnoj the organisations. Besides, the arbitration for the period of a legal investigation has accepted obespechitelnye measures and has forbidden the respondent to make actions on the termination of rendering of services in gas transportation. Following judicial session is appointed to January, 22nd.

“ aspiration of “Uralsevergaza“ to the conclusion of tripartite agreements obviously as, thus, the company has a certain lever of influence. By means of such contract the supplier has possibility to change a contract condition, to maneuver deliveries, to receive the additional income in case of revision of treaty provisions, the price policy, in case of gas short shipments. Thus “Uralsevergaz“ can supervise GAZEKS “ - the analyst on oil and gas IK " considers; Brokerkrediservis “ Ekaterina Kravchenko. And the senior oil and gas analyst IFK “ Metropol “ Alexander Nazarov does not exclude that “ Uralsevergaz “ wishes to shift a part of expenses on transportirovshchika. “ The matter is that at the tripartite agreement at transportirovshchika appears more than potential duties, in particular on payment gathering. That is GAZEKS it becomes dependent not only on the supplier, but also from the third party - the consumer which is not the reliable payer. For today in regions very high level of debts, and introduction of bilaterial agreements means loss of a collecting of money for the supplier. Therefore the tripartite agreement gives the chance to “Uralsevergazu“ to be insured from possible losses “ - he marks. “ Besides, at the bilaterial agreement consumers can choose instead of “Uralsevergaza“ other supplier “ - Kravchenko`s madam adds.

„“ will watch succession of events.

Nikolay Yablonsky, Anna Motorin