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the Metallurgist has left Russia in champions

Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist yesterday became last owner of the Cup of the European champions whom Russia for four years of existence of tournament so and has not given anybody. In a final champions of Russia have beaten the best club of Czechia - Sparta - 5:2. Yesterday the Cup of the European champions has stopped the existence. On the eve of a final the president of the International federation of hockey (IIHF) Ren Fazel officially declared creation of hockey League of champions. Its first draw starts in the autumn of this year, and 12 European commands will take part in it. Through a season, according to Fazelja, the quantity of participants of league is planned to expand at the expense of additional qualifying tournament with participation of representatives of 24 countries of continent. The prize fund of new tournament will make 10 million, and as one of the basic investors of the largest hockey project in the history of Europe will act Gazprom .

Thus, the Metallurgist became last winner of main continental Euro cup in the unpretentious format which has existed only four year on which six teams - participants divided on two groups and those who has won first place in them, then met in the ending. All previous Cups passed in St.-Petersburg. All have won the Russian clubs - Avant-guard the Dynamo and Ak a leopard . All in the ending were resisted by the Finnish commands: omicham and to Muscovites - Kerpjat to citizens of Kazan - HPK. To the fourth successively Russian - to the Finnish rivalry has not allowed to happen Prague Sparta reached a decisive match together with the Metallurgist . That, by the way, left in it with enormous work. The final match of group tournament was represented not to the most difficult for magnitogortsev. However considered as the obvious outsider of the Cup Slovan As well as the Russian champion who has overcome Swedish MoDo resisted to them fine. The Slovak club has opened the account in the first period and thanks to the goalkeeper Sasu Hovi kept advantage up to the middle of the third. the metallurgist the forward has escaped thanks to Igor Koroleva`s fad from which the washer has flown away in a grid (fortunately, movements by a foot towards gate has not made), and also to Alexey Kajgorodovu. In a series bullitov it at first has evened up scores, and then when began to throw to the first miss, has scored a victorious goal.

in the ending to the Metallurgist it was not easier. Sparta in which structure more or less well-known not only in the Czech hockey of names of times - two and obchelsja, was first not simply careful, but any extremely shy. It did not have removals, but within several minutes prazhane, apparently, did not think at all of struggling for a washer not that that in another`s - in an average zone as if had on a platform on one person less. This pseudo-majority the Metallurgist easy played, yet has not played. The Czech forward uraltsev Jan Marek has started up a washer between guards of compatriot Tomasha Oaks about enough acute angle. An oak it was soon rehabilitated for the error, having beaten off two successively throw in Alexey Kajgorodova`s emphasis. After this has gained in steam of the most unpleasant for Sparta the moments. But general impression of good luck of the Czech goalkeeper did not cancel. And the impression was such that Sparta defeat, like that has worried in the Petersburg Ice palace one year ago HPK, broken - 6:0 - " waits; Ak a leopard .

But anything similar. At the very end of the starting period Martin Podlesak was rolled out from a board in a zone before Trevisa Scott collars and has thrown from an inconvenient hand. The defenders weakened, seemingly, by the Prague shyness the Metallurgist as - that too inertly pursued attacking, and the Canadian goalkeeper as - that inertly reacted to flight of a washer which could take, of course, but did not take. The account was unexpectedly made even.

and in the second period on ice as if have let out another Sparta . With its cowardice does not remain anything. Moreover, in several episodes prazhane for a long time locked the Metallurgist in its zone - in the same way, as the Metallurgist locked them in the previous twenty minutes. It is good that the spirit this evening was at Mareka. Its jerk to collars Oaks looked doomed to failure. But the persistent forward has put a bend by the defender and, already upershis in the goalkeeper, from the second attempt has pushed through a washer under its guards. Czechs that was visible on a video review, could beat out it when that has crossed a ribbon . the Metallurgist again has moved.

and again Sparta the account has made even. Not without the aid of, by the way, Mareka which have earned unessential removal, when its command and so played minority. Sparta in general not bad looks in the majority, and of a situation five on three to squeeze out a goal for it - trifling matter. As defender Irzhi Vykoukal deduced by partners, as a matter of fact, on an empty corner has proved. For destiny of the Cup of the European champions it should become disturbing: equal were both the account, and game.

a trouble Sparta yesterday there was its goalkeeper. At least the third goal on conscience Oaks. In the end of the second period Igor Mirnov was rolled in the Prague zone. Before attacking two defenders stood an impassable wall. The variant was one and only - to throw. Mirnov also has thrown - from such distance from what the class goalkeeper, certainly, is obliged to beat off ten washers from ten. This throw awkwardly sat down on Oak knees has passed.

there was a painful third period further. With sharp attacks Sparta . With shouts of the trainer the Metallurgist Valery Postnikova calling the hockey players to play more reliably. With the goal which has killed the Prague hope escaped in private one and a half minutes prior to a siren of same Mirnova and one more Magnitogorsk goal - Kajgorodova. The large account, however, was yesterday not on game. Last Cup of the European champions the Metallurgist has pulled out with blood.

Alexey Dospehov