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Spravorossy type “ left “

In Sverdlovsk branch “ Fair Russia “ becomes ripe the next scandal. In confirmed partkonferentsiej the list of candidates on regional Duma elections in number “ steam locomotives “ there was a former leader of the regional Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kadochnikov. According to sources „“, in the list it has received the second place under the patronage of administration of the governor which expects to delay thus voices at communists. However with such arrangement of candidates it do not agree eks - the head of regional branch SR Jacob Nevelev who has already challenged legitimacy of carrying out of conference in supervising bodies and regional election committee. Elections in Sverdlovsk regional Duma will pass on March, 2nd, formation of lists comes to an end on January, 16th. “ fair Russia “ by last from all parties participating in elections it was defined with the candidates: their list has been confirmed on partkonferentsii which has taken place past Saturday. In Sverdlovsk branch hitch explain the inner-party conflict. As earlier wrote „“, and. The island of the chairman regional SR Jacob Nevelev who is considered the basic sponsor of December state Duma campaign, after elections has demanded to transfer one of two got Sverdlovsk spravorossam mandates to it. He motivated the decision with that leaders of lists - the deputy of regional Duma Alexander Burkov and chairman UrO of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Chereshnev were actually eliminated from conducting pre-election struggle (mister Nevelev took the second place in one of lists).

Trials lasted till the end of December, as a result mandates have got to misters Burkov and Chereshnevu. Besides, in structure of regional branch have passed serious changes: under the decision of presidium of the Central Committee of party it was headed by academician Chereshnev, have been simultaneously disbanded 20 of 38 local branches SR which were headed by the people close to mister Nevelevu. As a result in the decision of pre-election questions Sverdlovsk spravorossy could be engaged only after New Year`s holidays.

the structure of the list confirmed on Saturday has appeared unexpected enough. After “ a steam locomotive “ Alexander Burkov, the people who are not party members have entered into the first three: the former first secretary Sverdlovsk obkoma the CPSU the deputy of regional Duma Vladimir Kadochnikov and the general director of the pharmaceutical company “ League - 7 “ Julia Miroshnikov. “ inclusion in Vladimir Dmitrievicha`s list (Vladimir Kadochnikova - „“) is quite logical, it the politician known and respected in region. Besides attraction in our numbers of the former communists quite is entered in strategy of our management on creation on the left flank of uniform strong party. It is no casual in federal three SR on elections in the State Duma Svetlana Gorjacheva who too was earlier a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has been included. As to Julia Miroshnikovoj presence in a three of the woman, the physician especially by training, too should add to our list of popularity “ - has explained qualitative structure of the list mister Burkov. As he said, with such “ steam locomotives “ spravorossy can quite count following the results of elections on three mandates.

meanwhile the source „“ in regional branch SR has informed that mister Kadochnikov and Miroshnikov`s madam are included in the list spravorossov under the recommendation of administration of Sverdlovsk governor Edward Rossel. “ Vladimir Kadochnikov, despite former membership in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, always was considered as the person close to the governor. In the spring at it expires term of deputy powers, therefore it and recommended in the list „Fair Russia“. In administration which supervises “United Russia“, count that its presence at the list will allow spravorossam to take away a considerable poll from communists. As today the last are in the conflict to administration of the governor, and their presence at regional Duma is undesirable for region executive power “. According to the interlocutor „“, Julia Miroshnikov too is close to the regional authorities: it is the chief executive of the centre under construction in region on diabetes treatment.

however Jacob Nevelev who has not got at all to lists, and a number of its supporters intend to challenge legitimacy Saturday partkonferentsii. As has informed were and. The island of the head of the device of the regional branch SR, one of the nearest colleagues of mister Neveleva Evgenie the Bolt, yesterday on Sverdlovsk area and regional Office of Public Prosecutor have been sent by them to regional election committee, Central administrative board of federal registration service of the statement with the request to state a legal estimation of carrying out of conference. “ it has passed with infringement of variety of federal laws and the party charter. In particular, before its carrying out general meeting on which its delegates should get out was not spent - the branch management appointed them at own discretion. Constitutional laws of citizens on participation in formation of regulatory authorities have been as a result broken. Besides, during the period when terms of its carrying out have been announced, contrary to the law active reception in party of new members - probably to make impression about its legitimacy " proceeded; - the mister marks the Bolt. In its opinion, it gives the sufficient grounds for cancellation of results of conference. “ under statements stand more than five thousand signatures of party members (all in Sverdlovsk branch - hardly more than 7 thousand party members - „“) “ - he assures. Mister Nevelev was inaccessible yesterday to comments - its mobile phone has been disconnected. Mister Burkov estimates actions of colleagues as revenge, from outside “ Some offended party members “. “ If conference was illegitimate, we would not began to convoke it. I think, the given attack - not last initiative of our opponents directed on preventing us to spend effectively election campaign “ - he considers.

„“ will watch succession of events.

Alexander Lakedemonsky