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  SHOTS It is appointed new voenkom krajaukazom the president of the Russian Federation by the military commissioner of edge the general - major Vasily Lunev is appointed. Earlier this post was occupied with Alexander Generalov, but in the summer of this year it has been appointed voenkomom Altay territory. G - n Lunev was born in 1956, has ended the Moscow higher obshchevojskovoe command school, military academy of M.V.Frunze, military academy of Joint Staff VS of the Russian Federation. Before appointment g - n Lunev was at the disposal of the commander of land forces.
Maxim Strugov

  INVESTIGATION Head have acquainted with capital ulikamizaversheno an investigation of the case of the head of Lysvensky area of Alexander Goncharov accused of abusing by powers of office and illegal participation in enterprise activity. Business has been raised on October, 15th on operative materials UBOP of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. As consider in investigatory department on city of Lysva SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, g - n Goncharov after the election as the head of area illegally participated in Open Society management Lysvensky dorozhno - building management (LDSU). Under the version of the investigation, the official has put pressure upon committee-men at definition LDSU by the winner of competition within the limits of the national project Municipal roads . If the damage caused to the state at first was estimated in 11 million roubles now prospective losses are lowered to 3 million roubles. Familiarised with materials has put lawyer Isaak Grojsberg yesterday has declared that intend to achieve the prosecution termination g - on Goncharov. According to protection, the official became a victim of interclan struggle in Lysve to what the filed disk with secretly made records of conversations testifies. G - n Grojsberg underlines: The personal structure of the commission has been confirmed still by the former head of area and its principal could not affect the decision of this commission in any way. Besides, in actions of the official it is not found any personal benefit, and major repairs of roads are executed qualitatively. Sources in law enforcement bodies, nevertheless, are assured of persuasiveness of the collected proofs and predict removal by court of a verdict of guilty.
Michael Lobanov

  JUDICIARY PRACTICE the Court has refused to suspend manufacture TSBKKRASNOKAMSKY regional court has made decision to stop business manufacture under the claim of Perm nature protection interdistrict public prosecutor Vladimir Shestakov to Open Society TSBK Kama because it is not subject to consideration as civil legal proceedings. According to the public prosecutor, on the basis of that the claim is addressed the legal body, the judge has made decision to submit the case in arbitration manufacture. G - n Shestakov considers that the judge has made the decision wrongfully, and intends to appeal against against it in regional court. In the autumn interdistrict public prosecutor Vladimir Shestakov has addressed in Krasnokamsk district court with the claim to Open Society TSBK Kama in protection of the rights of townsmen. The public prosecutor demanded to recognise as illegal actions TSBK on excess of specifications of maximum permissible emissions (PDV) harmful substances in atmosphere. PDV, according to the public prosecutor, are exceeded almost twice. He has demanded to suspend work of a cooking site of cellulose manufacture before performance of actions for introduction of the scheme of additional cleaning of gas emissions of this site.
Yemelyanov`s hope