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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan is going to enter the language test for foreigners

on January, 15th the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Masahiko Komura has informed on plans of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan on toughening of requirements for reception of long-term visas in this country. To already available requirements shown to foreigners, the test for knowledge of Japanese language will be added. According to the minister, it is necessary for the best integration of foreigners into a Japanese society.
Masahiko Komura has informed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan intends to begin in the near future consultations of the Ministry of Justice about introduction of new requirements to interested persons to receive the long-term Japanese visa. The Minister for Foreign Affairs considers that possession of Japanese language should become one of requirements. to talk on - japonski to foreign citizens who live in Japan, it is important not only for increase of their standard of living, but also it is necessary for all Japanese society - head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has told. He has added that first of all the language test will be handed over by the foreigners, wishing to receive visas with the work right in Japan.

Masahiko Komura has noticed that at present in Japan live over two million foreigners to which it is not shown any language requirements. About third Koreans make of them. The written version of Japanese language includes about 2 thousand widespread hieroglyphs in use.

according to experts, intention to enter the language test is connected with the general toughening of Japanese visa system. For struggle against illegal immigration and penetration into the country of terrorists the immigration service of Japan since November, 2007 finger-prints and photographs all arriving foreigners.