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Depending on independence

Belgrad has defined the position on the eve of expected declaration of independence of Kosovo - it is fixed in the special resolution of the Serbian parliament. Belgrad not only threatens to reconsider relations with the countries which have recognised Kosovan independence, but also, as a matter of fact, proclaims a military neutrality. If the country leaders firmly adhere to resolution positions, the road of Serbia to EU and the NATO will appear closed.
the management of Serbia has decided to state the position across Kosovo when it became clear that negotiations passing under the aegis of UNSF about a status of the territory have failed, and Kosovan Albanians are ready to proclaim independence at any moment. The position of Belgrad has laid down in a basis of the resolution of the Serbian parliament which has gathered yesterday for special session across Kosovo.

resolution removal on voting was preceded by its rough discussion behind the closed doors members of ruling coalition. Under the information, discussion has found out serious divergences between supporters demokraticheski adjusted president Boris Tadicha and the moderate nationalist, prime minister Voislava Koshtunitsy.

the Essence of disagreements consisted that the prime minister demanded rigidly to co-ordinate advancement of Serbia to Europe to preservation in its structure of Kosovo. Without Kosovo the European Union is not necessary to Belgrad, supporters of mister Koshtunitsy spoke. President Tadich has opposed such approach, having opposed inclusions in the resolution of the requirement on the termination of process of integration into EU in case of a recognition of independence of Kosovo. This dispute was far not idle. On January, 28th Serbia should sign the agreement on the beginning of process of integration with the European Union, and the formulation of prime minister Koshtunitsy actually gave up it as a bad job.

supporters of the president managed to soften a little this formulation. The rigid binding of destiny of Kosovo to the European future of Serbia in it is not present. The resolution only demands, that all contracts which will be signed by Belgrad, served preservation of its territorial integrity . This formulation is so indistinct that both parties treat it on - to the. Serbia does not refuse neither the European future, nor from Kosovo - Boris Tadich has declared yesterday. We for eurointegration exclusively from Kosovo - the head of fraction of the prime minister in parliament Milosh Aligrudich parried to it.

But even for this concession of Voislava Koshtunitsy to supporters of the president it was necessary to pay dearly. In - the first, according to the resolution Serbia will reconsider diplomatic and other relations with the countries which recognise independence of Kosovo . It means freezing of its communications with the leading countries of the West. In - the second, the resolution insists that EU mission cannot arrive to Kosovo without the UNSF decision It is equivalent to the announcement Belgrad illegal the recent decision of the summit of EU to direct in Kosovo police mission, and in the future to incur responsibility for destiny of edge.

but the main thing at all in it. The resolution, as a matter of fact, proclaims a military neutrality of Serbia - to a referendum which would solve a question on its occurrence in military blocks . It means that Serbia becomes the unique state in Jugo - the Eastern Europe which refuses to enter the NATO.

the Kosovan resolution have supported (directly or with reservations) almost all leading parties of Serbia: both entering into ruling coalition, and oppositional. Rigidly against it liberal democrats of Chedomira Jovanovicha which has declared have acted only: the Resolution on the tone, the maintenance and consequences is very similar to the document accepted by parliament in March, 1999, - for two days prior to the beginning of bombardments of Yugoslavia .

However, it yet does not mean that Serbia and this time has seriously decided to be at war with the West. Boris Tadicha`s consent with rigid formulations of the Kosovan resolution has in many respects tactical character. Otherwise the environment of Voislava Koshtunitsy for certain would accuse the president of treachery - and it on the eve of presidential election appointed to January, 20th is completely not necessary for mister Tadichu.

the State will make everything that Kosovo remains in Serbia, and Serbia - on the European way - the president has promised yesterday in parliament. After the re-election (and chances of it are high) Boris Tadich can quite tell: we have made all for the sake of preservation of Kosovo, and to protect the Serbs who have remained there the isolated Serbia can only European, instead of. And then the Kosovan resolution becomes a part of history of struggle for this edge - but not the guide to action.