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The rating of the countries with free economy

According to a rating of economic freedom of the American Fund of a heritage is published (The Heritage Foundation), made together with The Wall Street Journal, Russia is in number of the countries with suppressed economy. It occupies in the rating published on January, 15th 134 place between Ukraine and Vietnam. The first place in 14 - j consecutive time has got to Hong Kong where the economy is recognised the most free in the world. Russia in comparison with 2007 has fallen on 14 points. In total 157 countries of the world are included in the list.
the second place in a rating was occupied with Singapore, and the third - Ireland. According to composers, both Asian states win thanks to low taxes and the liberal trading legislation. Ireland is followed by Australia and the USA. Also on the top positions in the list there is New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Switzerland and Great Britain.

the Countries - participants of a rating are estimated by experts by ten criteria which number includes freedom of investments, a freedom of commerce, financial freedom, protection of the property rights, freedom in sphere of payments of a salary, presence of trading barriers and others. To each of criteria the country receives a quantity of points for conformity degree.

Being not on the highest lines of a rating of the country on some parametres can advance the countries - finalists. For example, Rossiija with 134 place advances the USA which are on the fifth position on an indicator of fiscal freedom. The Russian economy has received the lowest point for freedom from corruption.