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Lost actor Alexander Dedjushko is recognised by guilty of road accident

on January, 15th investigatory department Petushinsky ROVD Vladimir region has stopped criminal case upon road accident in which actor Alexander Dedjushko and his family on November, 3rd, 2007 was lost. On the consequence conclusion, road accident has come out infringement of Dedjushko of traffic regulations. The assistant to the public prosecutor of Petushinsky area of area Yury Makeev has told that the Office of Public Prosecutor intends to check validity of the decision of investigatory department.
in actions of Dedjushko there are infringements of traffic regulations which are in causally - investigatory communication with road accident and consequences. Criminal case 1479 has been stopped by the inspector under item 4 p.1 item 24 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - in connection with death of the person who have made road accident - Yury Makeev has told. On the basis of indications of eyewitnesses of failure and conclusions of experts, in actions of the second participant of road accident - the driver of lorry Scania - it has not been found crime structure. By the originator of road accident Dedjushko " is recognised; - the employee has specified a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs of Vladimir region Svetlana Kamentseva. According to Yury Makeeva, the Office of Public Prosecutor intends to check up validity of the decision on removal of action.

criminal case on ch. 3 items 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of traffic regulations or operation of the vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons) have been raised on November, 12th. According to the Department of Internal Affairs, on November, 3rd, 2007 on a line Moscow - Nizhni Novgorod in Petushinsky area of Vladimir region there was a road accident in which result have died on the spot 45 - summer actor Alexander Dedjushko, it 30 - the summer spouse actress Svetlana Chernyshkova and them 8 - summer son Dmitry. In settlement Omutishchi of Petushinsky area Alexander Dedjushko, operating Toyota Picnic car, has left on a counter lane and has faced truck Scania.

Alexander Dedjushko was born in Belarus, studied in the Nizhniy Novgorod theatrical school. In 33 years the actor has decided to subdue the Moscow theatrical scene. But having arranged in efremovsky MKhAT, remained playing a supporting role, playing waiters and participating in mass meeting. In the late nineties Alexander Dedjushko`s type has had by the way on television. He played courageous, severe heroes, real men . Popularity to it was brought by a leading role in a serial the Operative pseudonym . In May, 2007 to the actor 45 years were executed.

Alexander Dedjushko played pictures the Doll the Thief DMB a death Directory the Broken arrow the March Turkish the File of a detective of Dubrovsky Secret of the Blue valley the Command of champions Attempt Russian business of 21 centuries the Operative pseudonym the Sarmatian Officers . Alexander Dedjushko also was the leader of the program Street of your destiny telling about the heroes who are living in penury and obscurity and needing the help. In October, 2006 Alexander has taken part in the TV channel project Russia Dances with stars where Lianoj Shakurovoj acted together with the winner of the championship of Russia on the Latin American dances. In the resume on a personal site Alexander Dedjushko the first among the hobbies named a car .