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“ AkTeh “ has pulled to Arabian peninsula

One of the companies largest in Russia on manufacture of automobile accumulators of Joint-Stock Company “ Storage technologies “ (“ AkTeh “ the Irkutsk region) intends to enter the far abroad markets. As it became known „“, the company carries on negotiations with the government of Yemen for deliveries of accumulators in this country. In February “ AkTeh “ is going to send trial lot AKB. In the company do not exclude that after that the year contract on delivery of accumulators abroad can be signed. Experts assume that from - for growing a competition in home market export deliveries for “ AkTeha “ can appear rather profitable. The manager on Joint-Stock Company marketing “ Storage technologies “ Olga Mokretsova has told „“ about negotiations of the company with the government of Yemen about deliveries of accumulators in this country. As she said, now the factory prepares for shipment of 12 containers from 4 thousand storage batteries for delivery to Yemen. Them “ AkTeh “ is going to send to the customer in February. “ following the results of this delivery the decision on signing of the year state contract with the government of Yemen " will be made; - Olga Mokretsova has explained and has added that earlier the company delivered AKB only in the countries “ the near abroad “: Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus. As she said, now “ AkTeh “ also carries on negotiations for deliveries of production to concerns FIAT and GM - the Car.
Joint-Stock Company “ AkTeh “ it is created 1999 on the basis of Joint-Stock Company “ Vostsibelement - 98 “. In 2004 “ AkTeh “ has taken over the control of Joint-Stock Company “ Vostsibakkumuljator “ (VSA). The factory lets out starternye svintsovo - acid AKB trade marks: “ AkTeh “ “ the Animal “ “ VSA “. Financial indicators “ AkTeha “ do not reveal. In 2007 the company has let out about 500 thousand automobile AKB. Cost of one accumulator in capacity 55 And/ ch makes 2-3 thousand rbl. At capacity of the Russian market of accumulators in 9-12 million AKB a year “ AkTeh “ now supervises approximately 4-10 % of Russian market AKB. The basic Russian players in this market - holding “ Russian accumulators “ the Tyumen storage factory. Joint-Stock Company “ AkTeh “ belongs to its president Valery Afanasevu.
Analyst IK “ finam “ Vladislav Kochetkov notices that now the competition in the world market is high enough, however the Russian manufacturers have an advantage: they can buy some account components in home market more cheaply, than abroad. “ Manufacturers from the Peoples Republic of China, for example BYD, or the Chinese branches SANYO Electric Co which are capable to offer the buyer the low prices from - for smaller costs of labour, small transport and climatic costs " become the basic competitors of “AktTeha“, possibly; - the analyst marks. However, he adds that Yemen - the authoritative state, therefore, having received the contract, the Russian supplier will feel, most likely, it confident in the local market.
an analyst of IK BKS Alexander Voronov reminds that foreign autoconcerns gradually come to Russia with desire to construct the factories in the country: “ Toyota has already constructed the enterprise near St.-Petersburg. Taking into account expansion of a car market manufacturers AKB can increase the volumes at the expense of deliveries of production in the country “. Nevertheless the analyst notices that quality Russian AKB for the same Toyota should be at high level: “ The company puts billions in working out of one model. If the car rises from - for AKB, will abuse the car. Therefore it is necessary for any Russian manufacturer to correspond to level, and decent investments " are for this purpose necessary; - Alexander Voronov argues. Vladislav Kochetkov nevertheless considers that the export contract can be the additional quality proof of production and can provide stable inflow of means for development: “ the Competition in home market becomes aggravated, therefore export deliveries can appear and more profitable “.
Alexey Kopylov, Irkutsk