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Nikola Sarkozy marks Christmas with the girlfriend and mum

the President of France Nikola Sarkozy has decided to spend Christmas vacation in the company of the new girlfriend 39 - summer eks - models and singers Karly Bruni. This week pair has arrived to the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor by the private plane belonging to the friend of the president to businessman Vensanu Bollore (in the summer it gave Nikola Sarkozy the plane and the yacht for rest on Malta). Having landed at the airport where the president and its companion was met by a train from 16 cars, the pair has gone to smart hotel Old Winter Palace on the bank of Nile. At an input in Sarkozy hotel Nikola has greeting waved with a hand to crowd of journalists, for the first time without being irritated with media exposure. However, after that local authorities have decided to protect the president from paparazzi. According to TV channel France - 2, one of film crews has spent night behind a lattice for shooting of kinds of presidential hotel.

Today head of the Elisejsky palace from a beloved goes to Charm - an ale - the Sheikh where they will stop on a country house certain emiratskogo the sheikh. There mother and one of sons of mister Sarkozy will join them. By the way, presence at the trip of mother of the president which has declared as - that will not suffer the next wife of the son (it it was twice married), became the main sensation for the majority of Frenchmen. Many have decided that Charles Bruni, meeting to the French leader with singers Mikom Jagger and Eric Clapton and billionaire Donald Trampom, has pleased choosy to Andre Sarkozy.

the president of France will combine family rest with official visit to Egypt in which frameworks it will meet on December, 31st Hosny Mubarak. This very day Nikola Sarkozy will return to Paris to congratulate Frenchmen happy New Year.