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“ Russian oils “ have come for Ural Mountains

Group “ Russian oils “ (RM) declared purchase of a property complex of Open Society “ Maslozhirkombinat “Khabarovsk“ “ (MZHK) for 170 million rbl. Thus, the company intends to provide to itself additional competitive advantage at an exit on the market of Zauralye. According to analysts, as MZHK - one of four largest factories on sunflower-seed oil manufacture in the market of the Far East and Siberia RM can count on 30 % of the market of region. In the end of December a group of companies “ Russian oils “ has won auction on acquisition of a property complex Khabarovsk maslozhirovogo industrial complex, having paid 170 million rbl. On transaction realisation the preliminary consent of Federal antimonopoly service of Russia has been received. The basic lines of activity of a group of companies “ Russian oils “ manufacture and vegetable oil sale are.
the Group of companies “ Russian oils “ has been formed in 2005. It occupies 4 % in the market of the packed up oil and 12 % of the Russian market of bulk oil, and also it is considered one of the largest pererabotchikov a soya. It posesses three masloekstraktsionnyh factory in the Stavropol and Krasnodar edges: Open Society “ Efirno - masloekstraktsionnyj industrial complex “Τλξπενςθνΰ“ “ Joint-Stock Company “ Nevinnomyssk masloekstraktsionnyj factory “ and Open Society “ Oil of Stavropol Territory “. The general capacity of industrial base of group makes 550 thousand t sunflower seeds in a year (630 t oils a day). GK possesses the rights to vegetable oil brands “ Zlatitsa “ and “ Russia “. Consolidated gain GK “ Russian oils “ on MSFO for 2006 has made over $80 million, EBITDA - $9,35 million
Maslozhirkombinat “ Khabarovsk “ - One of four largest factories on the sunflower-seed oil manufacture, competing in the market maslozhirovoj production in territory of the Far East and Siberia. The industrial complex specialises on soya processing (capacities of the enterprise allow to overwork about 100 thousand t in a year). MZHK “ Khabarovsk “ lets out three kinds of mayonnaise: “ provansal “ “ Majole “ (classical, cheese, satsivi) and “ Baltic “ and also oils: sunflower, soya refined deodorized, “ Magic “ and “ Gold “. The enterprise turn for 2006 has made 267,422 million rbl., net profit - a minus of 9,4 million rbl., profitability - a minus of 9,55 %. The annual volume of production of the enterprise with 2003 for 2006 has decreased almost twice and has made no more than 50 thousand t. A bolshy share holding (90 %. - „“) MZHK belongs to physical persons (257 persons. - „“) and 10 % are in the federal property.
According to analyst GK “ Alor “ Annas Ljukanovoj, a principal cause on which MZHK has been exposed on sale, the observed tendency of decrease both industrial, and financial indicators of the enterprise during the period with 2000 for 2006 can be. “ if to track annual output we see decrease practically by all its kinds. During the period with 2003 for 2004 there was a growth of indicators, but in 2005 dynamics has sharply worsened, the net profit during the given period basically has negative value “ - madam Ljukanova has commented on the fact of sale MZHK. On positive value of profit, according to an analyst, MZHK left only in 2004 and 2005, but from - for sharp reductions of a gain from sales in 2006 the net profit has left in a minus.
according to madam Ljukanovoj, in case of acquisition of the company by the principal shareholder, such as GK “ Russian oils “ the enterprise has a potential to growth and increase in indicators at the expense of increase of sales and optimisation of expenses.
according to an analyst of the investment company “ finam “ Sergey Filchenkova, “ Russian oils “ with industrial complex acquisition can occupy an order of 30 % of the market of Transbaikalia. “ the transaction sum, considering that it is generated during the auction auctions, it is represented quite adequate for one of the largest enterprises in the market maslozhirovoj to production “ - he has noted.
according to the operating director of a group of companies Anastasii Gukovsky, for GK “ Russian oils “ purchase MZHK is the most adequate variant, allowing to enter market essentially new to the company in the Far East the countries.
in immediate prospects the group intends to spend modernisation of the equipment of industrial complex and till the end of 2008 plans to leave for processing more than 60 thousand t a soya.
Anna Kovaleva