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an United Russia it was again cleaned

United Russia party members have spent rotation of the managerial personnel in Moscow and regions and intend to create to the candidate for presidents to Dmitry Medvedev a favorable background for election campaign.
yesterday the leader an United Russia Boris Gryzlov has informed that the party intends to spend a series of thematic conferences in different federal districts. The first will be devoted social problems and will take place 18 - on January, 19th, following will take place in ten days. Conferences will go till March, 2nd and can become a background to election campaign of the first vitse - prime minister Dmitry Medvedev (in particular, on them themes of national projects will sound). Prepares actions the Center socially - the conservative policy. However, as wrote (number from January, 15th see), to publish the electoral programme Dmitry Medvedev gathers without the aid of United Russia party members.

meanwhile an United Russia continues to shuffle shots. On Monday late at night the presidium gensoveta has made replacement of several secretaries in regions. Partly they are connected with results of elections to Duma in separate regions. The posts were left by secretaries of political councils of party of the Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk edges, Yakutia, where on elections in the State Duma an United Russia has typed less than average result on the country (64,2 %).

will not head more regional branches the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov and the president of the North Ossetia Taimuraz Mamsurov. Certainly, having conceded a post of the head of branch to the prime minister of republic Odesu Bajsultanovu, Ramzan Kadyrov has completely kept control over local United Russia party members (in 2006 mister Kadyrov himself has headed them that this post has not been transferred Frantsem Klintsevichem Ruslanu Jamadaevu, mister Kadyrov was afraid of claims for which power). Odes Bajsultanov is obliged by the prompt career to Kadyrov - younger. But installation on a formal distance United Russia has executed.

the central executive committee of party was left by the assistant to the head of executive committee of party Sergey Zhiltsov who was responsible for work with supporters of party and public organisations. To it in duties on elections of deputies of the State Duma attraction of known people was made lists of party and to propaganda. Its professional work has been connected for a long time with the party in power: it consistently worked in the CPSU device, movement Our house - Russia an United Russia . In 2005 when Vyacheslav Volodin, and the head of executive committee - Andrey Vorobev became the secretary of presidium gensoveta, it has conceded responsible front of work with territories to a creature of Krasnoyarsk governor Alexander Hloponina Yury Olejnikovu, but in indemnification has received a post of the assistant with small powers. In quality and. An island The chief of department of interaction is appointed to its place with supporters of party and public organisations Andrey Ilnitsky who has started to work in executive committee from giving of mister Vorobeva. However, in bureau of a high council the theme of supporters and work with social environments on - former are supervised by Vyacheslav Volodina Valery Rjazansky`s right hand.