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India and China - brothers on the XXI-st century

the Prime minister - the minister of India Manmohan Singh has finished yesterday official visit to China - the first for last five years. The parties have agreed about carrying out of joint military doctrines and cooperation in the field of atomic engineering, and also have essentially promoted in the border dispute permission. Besides, Manmohan Singh and the prime minister of state council of the Peoples Republic of China Ven Tszjabao have signed the political document on a world order in the XXI-st century: they do not doubt that it will be a century of China and India.
Manmohana Singh to China it is quite possible to name the three-day visit which has Begun on Sunday historical, after all prime ministers of India did not visit China five years. Relations between two powers which population is exceeded 2,4 mlrd by the person, have deteriorated in 1990 - e years, after coming to power in India nationalists. Contacts have started to be restored after to the power the Indian national congress has come to Delhi. In November, 2006 India was visited for the first time by the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao (its predecessor Tszjan Zemin was there in 1996), and in October of last year Beijing was visited chairman INK by Sleepyhead Gandi and her son Rahul who is considered as the most probable following prime minister of India. Now the turn has reached and the prime minister present.

the Indian visitors have spent Sunday, going sightseeing in Beijing and the Olympic objects, and on Monday in the House of national meetings they were accepted by companion Ven Tszjabao. Following the results of party negotiations have signed 11 documents to the main things from which was the political declaration under the name Joint vision of the XXI-st century of the Peoples Republic of China and the Indian republic . In this document Beijing and Delhi have proclaimed for the first time that intend to build relations of strategic partnership (the same status have now and Russian - the Chinese relations), not directed against the third countries. However, in the declaration it is said that Each country has the right to develop the political, economic and social model, giving proper attention to human rights and leadership of the law . Thus, Beijing and Delhi as a matter of fact have entered implicit polemic with Washington.

as prime ministers after a meeting have informed, for development of partnership Beijing and Delhi first of all intend to spend joint military doctrines. In December of last year the first Chinese - the Indian doctrines have already taken place, however some tens persons took part in them of all. This time, according to prime ministers, doctrines will be where masshtabnee.

Besides, Beijing and Delhi intend to enter into the bilateral trading agreement which will facilitate trade between two Asian giants. Last year its volume has exceeded $37 mlrd at positive balance of $9 mlrd in favour of China, but by 2010 of the party intend to reduce a disbalance and to increase volume to $60 billion And as one of new branches of cooperation both countries intend to develop joint projects in atomic engineering. we support similar contacts to the USA why we cannot develop the same projects with the Chinese friends? - Manmohan Singh after a meeting with Ven Tszjabao has told.

At last, the parties have declared intention somewhat quicker to solve a boundary problem. In 1962 from - for disputable territories between China and India short war the victory in which remained for the Peoples Republic of China has inflamed. In Delhi since then believe that China occupies 38 thousand in sq. km in the north of India in region Aksaj Chin and about 5 thousand in sq. km in the north of Kashmir. China, in turn, puts forward counter claims for 90 thousand in sq. km in staff of Arunachal - Pradesh on severo - the east of India. Manmohan Singh and Ven Tszjabao have promised to accelerate delimitatsiju borders and boundary treaty signing.

and yesterday Manmohana Singh was accepted by the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao. At this meeting speech basically went about geopolitics as in this area of the party feel to each other the greatest mistrust. Delhi accuses for a long time Beijing of unduly close relations with Islamabad, and the Chinese companions suspect the Indian management of desire to establish military - a political alliance with Washington which can be directed against China. However after a meeting both leader smiled much and radiated confidence that the majority of questions at issue is already authorised. Apparently, behind the closed doors Hu Jintao and Manmohanu Singh managed to convince each other of absence at them ill-intentioned plans concerning the neighbour, and at the same time in general to agree about section of spheres of influence in region.