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I, of course, trusted it, it the critic

In the Tver court of Moscow the court over owners of gallery " yesterday has begun; Russian collection - spouses Tatyana and Igor Preobrazhensky. Antiquaries are accused of sale of counterfeit pictures, non-payment of the VAT and abduction of a sketch of a brush of Konstantin Makovsky in cost $30 thousand Defendants named charge unfounded, and a consequence have accused of arrangement with suffered - the commercial director of the company Eleks - the Car Valery Uzzhinym.
the Court over spouses Preobrazhenskiy should begin in September, but from - for that that defendants some times changed lawyers who, in turn, demanded from court time for acquaintance with business materials, the process beginning was tightened. And if to consider that the madam Preobrazhenskiy, unlike the spouse, is in a pre-trial detention centre, such delay of process hardly suited it. Only yesterday a state accuser could read the bill of particulars at last. It was short: spouses Preobrazhenskiy are accused in swindle of especially large size made by a group of persons, namely - on sale of five counterfeit pictures to businessman Valery Uzzhinu, non-payment of the tax to the added cost during 2003 - 2005 for the sum of 4,9 million and at the same time abduction of a sketch of Konstantin Makovsky Bared with a tambourine in cost $30 thousand

the Madam Preobrazhenskiy named the accusation brought to its decided and also not confirmed with business materials. According to the owner Russian gallery its criminal prosecution has been inspired by victim Uzzhinym that to take hold of property belonging to me and values . I have no relation to realisation of these pictures, Uzzhin bought them on grey the market - on a piece of paper the defendant has read, standing in an iron cage then has demanded from court to send business on new investigation, practically having put all fault for manufacturing of fakes on wanted art - dealer Dmitry Kutejnikova. Lawyers of the defendant, but judge Sergey Podoprigorov presiding over process have joined this request also, having reminded them that art - the dealer does not appear in its business, has rejected this request.

the second defendant, Igor Preobrazhensky officially working as the driver in the company Gemma was more short and, having limited to a phrase categorically it do not agree with charge villages on the place. As the mister Preobrazhenskiy is under a subscription about nevyezde, he sat not in a cage, and in a hall.

having considered some petitions, the court has begun Valery Uzzhina`s allocated among sitting in hall with huge bruises on the person interrogation. As it was found out, before New year of the businessman have operated.

as the victim has told, he has got acquainted with spouses Preobrazhenskiy in March, 2004, during antiquarian salon in the Central house of the artist. They were recommended to it by the general acquaintance Alexander Jastrebov. Tatyana Preobrazhensky after acquaintance has done my good, - the victim told. - has helped to bring down on $10 thousand price for a picture of artist Ivan Gribina . After that between antiquaries and the commercial director Eleks - the Car friendly relations were entered into, spouses sat up over a cup of tea in the house of the businessman till four mornings, spoke about art, invited him in the gallery where suggested to buy pictures of Russian artists. I have grown in village, and I like the nature - well there woods, coppices, bogs... I have sunk down on them, - the businessman has told and has added: - the Layman I .

Tatyana Mihajlovna (Preobrazhenskiy. - ) to me said that round a continuous deceit and the bought examinations and except it anybody to me a normal picture will not sell also examination fair will not make. Well I, of course, trusted it, it the critic - the victim has told. As a result by means of the owner Russian gallery it has got 34 pictures in the total cost of an order $8 million basically it there were Russian artists - Shishkin, Ayvazovsky, Oryol, Bogolyubov, Kiselyov and etc. Cost of the sold pictures reached to $500 thousand All pictures, according to the businessman, he bought after consultations of Tatyana Preobrazhensky which carried on negotiations with art - dealers and sellers.

Igor Preobrazhensky`s role, according to the victim, was small - it carried money and pictures, yes had clever conversations, but went why - that all time with a pistol .

But in 2005 staying with the newly appeared collector not named it critics from Tretyakov gallery having paid attention to works hanging in the house peredvizhnika of Alexander Kiselyov, have noticed that at you Kiselyov more than at us, than strongly me have disturbed, - the victim has remembered. - in the Tretyakov gallery is Kiselyov`s only seven works, and to me Preobrazhenskiy have sold nine . After visit of critics mister Uzzhin has begun independent investigation and for some months has found out that 15 pictures sold Preobrazhenskiy, are a full garbage . This conclusion was confirmed also with examinations. But when the businessman has suggested art dealers to return it money, those have refused, and then slezli from phone having ceased to answer calls.

Well and when relations between the businessman and defendants definitively were upset, Tatyana Preobrazhensky has taken away from bagetnoj a workshop bought by it by request of Valery Uzzhina Konstantin Makovsky`s sketch Bared with a tambourine and he has addressed in militia.

the consequence has established that five pictures have been forged only. They belong to a brush of little-known West European artists of a XIX-th century. Pictures have been bought in Denmark in April, 2004 at the price of $5 - 6 thousand, then imported into Russia where Alexander Kiselyov`s signature has been put on them.