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Sergey Ivanov has moved tankostroitelej on break

Association of the Russian defensive enterprises in armoured holding “ Ural Carriage-Building Plant “ will allow more than to increase twice output by 2010. As yesterday has declared at meeting in Omsk the first vitse - the prime minister of the government of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov, the manufacture total amount at factories of created holding will make more than 335 mlrd rbl. the Part of orders will get Omsk oboronshchikam: in 2008 “ Omsktransmash “ and “ Design office of transport mechanical engineering “ modernise and will return in a system of 450 tanks T-80 which are on arms of the Russian army. Meeting in Omsk concerning Open Society creation “ Research-and-production corporation “Ural Carriage-Building Plant“ “ in which will enter 16 Russian defensive factories, Sergey Ivanov has spent yesterday behind the doors closed for the press. As after session mister Ivanov has explained, Russian tankostroiteljam it is necessary to increase till 2010 production in 2,5 times, thus manufacture total amount will reach 335 mlrd rbl. “ corporation Creation will open a way to overcoming of the structural dissociation which has outlined in last years of the enterprises of armoured branch and will allow to exclude not constructive, and at times even a harmful competition for the state resources. Association in corporation to tighten it is inadmissible. Rate loss will turn back loss of positions in the world markets of arms and hi-tech civil production “ - Sergey Ivanov has underlined. Also has added that the share of manufacture of civil production of holding in total amount will make more than 70 % and will increase.
we will remind that under the decree of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in structure of armoured holding on base nizhnetagilskogo FGUP “ Ural Carriage-Building Plant “ two will enter Omsk FGUP - “ Factory of transport mechanical engineering “ (“ Omsktransmash “) And “ Design office of transport mechanical engineering “ (KBTM). At yesterday`s meeting the work program " has been presented; Omsktransmasha “ and KBTM within the limits of holding. “ serious work for realisation of this program is necessary. The main thing that “ Omsktransmash “ remains the complete enterprise and can confidently look ahead. The modernisation program is calculated till 2010 so that to allow factory to increase volumes of output at least to 4 mlrd rbl. a year “ - general director FGUP " has told; ON “Ural Carriage-Building Plant“ “ Nikolay Malyh.
in FGUP “ Omsktransmash “ and KBTM yesterday have refused any comments, “ as the management is at meeting with the first vice-premier “.
FGUP “ Omsktransmash “ made tanks T-80U and า-80ำส, modernised tanks T-55. Release า-80 at factory is stopped in 1998, the factory is recognised by the bankrupt in 2002, at the enterprise external management is entered. The debts to creditors made 1,5 mlrd rbl. Following the results of the closed competition which has taken place in December, 2007, the most part of property of tank factory have got KBTM at the starting price - for 700 million rbl. the Basic creditors “ Omsktransmasha “: the Savings Bank of Russia, AK “ Omskenergo “ financial group “ the Caravan of stars “. Remained property FGUP is not sold yet. KBTM is engaged in working out and manufacture of special technics by request of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation and FGUP “ Rosoboroneksport “. The enterprise has executed more than 85 research and developmental works. Over 40 products of military technology created in KBTM, it is accepted on arms of the Russian army. As the member of military - industrial commission has explained at the government of Russia Oleg Botchkarev, in a case with “ Omsktransmashem “ “ first of all the emphasis will be made on revival spetsproizvodstva “. “ Besides, restoration of release of tractors approximately to 1 thousand units a year is planned. And the first railway car, at participation “ Ural Carriage-Building Plant “ we plan to let out already to autumn of current year. Thus, within two-three years we completely can restore the enterprise “ - Oleg Botchkarev is assured. For Omsk defensive factories participants of meeting refuse to speak about volume of the state order, referring on “ the state secret “. According to one of oboronshchikov, it is a question of major repairs and deep modernisation on “ Omsktransmashe “ 400-450 tanks in a year. “ the volume gosoboronzakaza should make from 700 million to 1 mlrd rbl. Including in 2008. These figures discuss in the closed circle “ - the interlocutor „“ has noted.
Open Society Formation “ Research-and-production corporation “Ural Carriage-Building Plant“ “ it will be finished by August, 2008.
Anatoly Shestakov, Omsk