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“ Southern Kuzbas “ does not admit to itself “ Raspadsky “

Yesterday the arbitration court of the Kemerovo region has begun trial under Open Society claim “ the Coal company „Southern Kuzbas“ “ (enters into group “ a Mechel “) To Rosnedram and regional government of this federal agency (Kuzbassnedra). The applicant demands to recognise as illegal conditions and an order of carrying out of auction on the right of working out of a site of Raspadskij-4 with stocks of coal of 100 million t for which Open Society " applies; Raspadsky “. In “ Southern Kuzbas “ consider that auction strikes at the rights of the company owning the earth and objects over stocks of Raspadskogo-4. Auction on sale was right nedropolzovanija on a site of Raspadskij-4 is declared in October of last year and is appointed to December, 17th with starting payment of 120 million rbl. On auction have directed Open Society demands “ Raspadsky “ and Open Society “ Entre Rios “ (enters into holding “ Sibuglemet “) . In the conditions of tendering it has been specified that Rosnedra and Kuzbassnedra have co-ordinated granting of the ground areas located over stocks of Raspadskogo-4, with all their owners. However on December, 17th on auction there have arrived court enforcement officers who have shown a judicial interdiction for tendering before the trial termination under the claim directed to court “ Southern Kuzbas “. Yesterday the court has begun preliminary consideration of the claim.
the site of Raspadskij-4 of the Raspadsky coal deposit is located in 15 km to the northeast from Mezhdurechensk (Kemerovo region), has the general borders with mountain taps of Joint-Stock Company “ the Cut “Raspadsky“ “ Open Society “ Raspadsky “ and Open Society “ the Mezhdurechensk coal company-96 “ (TORMENTS - 96). All of them enter into a group of companies “ Raspadsky “. Stocks of coal of coked marks GZH, GZHO, make about 100 million t on categories Β+Ρ1. In immediate proximity from a site mountain taps " are located; Southern Kuzbas “ and ΜΣΚ-96. the representative “ Southern Kuzbas “ Evgenie Sazonov has informed court that claim requirements of its company are reduced to a recognition illegal conditions and an order of carrying out of auction which have been prepared by Kuzbassnedrami and Rosnedrami are confirmed. Besides, in the claim requirements contain to oblige mentioned bodies to include in conditions of carrying out of auction coordination reception from outside “ Southern Kuzbas “ about ground area use over stocks of Raspadskogo-4 and “ to provide legitimate rights and interests “ Southern Kuzbas “ on the given ground area “.
According to Mr. Sazonov, on the ground area over stocks of Raspadskogo-4 there is a technological highway which is necessary for a coal cut “ Olzherassky “ in structure “ Southern Kuzbas “ For export of coal and breed, personnel transportation. Besides, Open Society transmission line " in the same place settles down; Tomusinsky power management “ (on 75 % belongs “ to Southern Kuzbas “) In the extent of 6,3 km which the cut uses. The ground areas under these objects are in rent on the right of termless use. Is as well a separate site over coal layers of Raspadskogo-4 in the property “ Southern Kuzbas “.
Representatives of Rosnedr and Kuzbassnedr on yesterday`s session were not. In this connection and with necessity of specification of some positions of the claim the arbitration has postponed its consideration. For the period of claim consideration action obespechitelnyh measures, including an interdiction for auction carrying out remains.
chief Kuzbassnedr Alexander Mamlin has informed yesterday that absence of the representative of its department is caused by that management has not received court definition about session appointment. It also has explained that by preparation of auction the coordination at “ Southern Kuzbas “ It was not requested, as the company was not registered in lists of Rosnedvizhimosti as the proprietor of the earths and any objects located over Raspadskim-4. He has found it difficult to inform, whether Kuzbassnedra will agree with arguments “ Southern Kuzbas “ and to change tendering conditions as it is in the competence of Rosnedr.
Under data „“, the dispute blocking acquisition “ Raspadsky “ additional stocks, could be caused that itself “ Raspadsky “ does not co-ordinate auction on a site of Olzherasskij-2 which is necessary for mine development “ Olzherassky-new “ in structure “ Southern Kuzbas “. Open Society management “ Raspadsky “ since 2006 does not answer corresponding inquiries of Kuzbassnedr. In Open Society “ Raspadsky “ which initiated auction carrying out on Raspadskomu-4, yesterday did not begin to make comments on a situation.
Igor Lavrenkov, Kemerovo