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GE Money has lost the data about 650 thousand persons

On Thursday American GE Money, division General Electric Capital, has given about disappearance of the data containing the confidential information on 650 thousand of holders of credit cards. This incident has added with itself a number of similar cases, proisshedshih last year. By estimations of experts, the last year became record by quantity of the lost personal data.
on Thursday evening the American company GE Money, financial division General Electric Capital which provides operations with credit cards for more than hundred American ritejlerov, including, for example, for a large network of department stores J. C. Penney, has admitted the fact uteri the confidential information on approximately 650 thousand holders of credit cards. Except home addresses, numbers of credit cards and accounts, 150 thousand numbers of social insurance are lost also. Nevertheless, according to representative GE Money Richard Johns, There are no signs of theft no less than certificates of that someone could use the lost data in criminal intents. Mister Johns did not begin to name the company, whose clients also have suffered from - for this incidents, but has specified that in the list of victims a lot of large ritejlerov.

As it is informed in statement GE Money, the company has found out uterju computer carriers with the personal data in October of last year and at it has left two months on making lists of all suffered clients. Since December of last year, the company dispatches to these people of the letter signed by president GE Money Brent Wallace, notifying on the happened.

scandal with loss of the data in GE Money became the first similar case this year, however experts already see in it an omen of misfortune: the number of incidents with theft or uterej the personal data grows from year to year. According to the American non-governmental organisation The centre of monitoring of cases of plunder of the personal data the number of the lost or stolen records with the personal data of citizens of the USA has made 125 million, having increased six times in comparison with 2006. Thereby the absolute record on number of such incidents has been established.

superiority under the stolen or lost data last year was for American ritejlerom TJX Companies, which else in January of last year recognised that about 46 million accounts can be potentially used malefactors. In Europe the history with the British customs service which within two months has lost some computer disks with personal given (insurance numbers, bank accounts and etc.) became the loudest scandal About 25 million persons.

according to Dzheja Tjumasa, head IT - department of the Harward university, the tendency to that the personal data will become more and more vulnerable for thefts, certainly, will remain. In its opinion, the negligence of employees and distribution of wireless communication facilities considerably facilitates work to swindlers.