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Oleg Mitvol appointed the assistant of head Rosprirodnadzora on April, 15th, 2004 has become famous, the vigorous activity has begun with revealing of the objects constructed with infringement of nature protection laws. settlement business " became the loudest; Ekaterina`s Shaft “ (village Friday) on the bank of the Istrinsky water basin where in August, 2005 the official by means of OMON tried to take storm of 13 summer residences. Claims were shown “ Moscow - City “ to settlement “ Rechnik “ to a housing estate “ the City of yachts “ TTS “ European “. From anticountry campaign have suffered eks - prime minister Michael Kasyanov, the head of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ Anatoly Chubays and others. Illegal constructions came to light on a memorial “ Mamayev a barrow “ in reserve “ V.I.Lenin`s Native land “ in national parks in Sochi and the Kaliningrad region.

mister Mitvol gave Special attention to the oil companies. Pretenzii Rosprirodnadzora of a steel of one of measures of pressure upon concern Shell compelled as a result to transfer control over the project “ Sakhalin - 2 “ “ to Gazprom “. In July, 2006 Oleg Mitvol has bathed near to oil platform D - 6, having checked up cleanliness of Baltic sea, and in October, 2006 personally inspected objects of LUKOIL in Komi. Daughters were accused of various infringements " British Imperial Energy; Gazprom “ and Total. In September, 2007 visit of the official to the USA has ended with scandal. On assurances of investors, he behaved aggressively and has informed that “ days of banana republic “ in Russia “ have come to an end “. Claims were shown to the industrial enterprises. In October, 2005 factory LG building in Moscow suburbs stopped. Problems have found at Baikal tselljulozno - paper industrial complex, factories “ Izhstal “ “ Southern Kuzbas “ Kirovo - Chepetsk chemical industrial complex, Klinsky beer factory, cosmetic factory Oriflame and confectioner`s shop Perfetti Van Melle.

Mister Mitvol participated in investigation of some ecological failures. he has accused Open Society of the Russian Railway of inactivity at liquidation of consequences of wreck of a train with black oil in the Tver region, and “ Transneft “ - in inability to provide oil pipeline trouble-free operation “ Friendship “.

the Assistant to head Rosprirodnadzora was noted by charges in a false denunciation to the Belgorod governor Evgenie Savchenko and several claims about honour and dignity protection , in particular to newspapers “ “ (has seized 3 thousand rbl.) And “ the Moscow member of the Komsomol “ (the court has rejected claims). In June, 2007 the Koptevsky court of Moscow has obliged mister Mitvolja to pay to 10 thousand rbl. to the governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromovu which the official accused in “ to theft of almost all Zvenigorodsky timber enterprise “.

Besides, Oleg Mitvol is known as the participant of many secular actions and the producer of a musical album “ I will always wait for you “ written down by his wife Lyudmila.