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the Supreme court of Tatarstan has left the Antikillersky decision under guards of inhabitant Mendeleevska Rinata Haziahmetova and the inhabitant of Yaroslavl Evgenie Kotkova, two loud murders accused of fulfilment - directors of Usadsky distillery, the former chief of criminal investigation department of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kazan Vladislav Baranova and the director of Kazan Open Company “ Tatpak “ Jacob Galjametdinova. Under the version of the investigation, accused entered into a brigade of killers - “ group Barannika “ Kazan OPG “ the Dirt “ competing with known OPS “ the Vein “ and the killed heads have paid for protection last. The head a press - services of Office of Public Prosecutor of Tatarstan Ravil ­ Vahitov has informed yesterday „“ that a question on prolongation of a preventive punishment to members “ groups Barannika “ dared on Thursday in the Supreme court at the preliminary hearings which were passing in the closed mode. Article 102 (" is incriminated to Rinatu Haziahmetovu which have appeared on a dock and Evgenie Kotkovu; Murder “) The old Criminal code of RSFSR (it operated during fulfilment of crimes by them). Under the version of the investigation, both defendants consisted in a brigade of killers since 1996.

in the middle of 90 - h years founder OPS “ the Vein “ Hajdar Zakirov (Hajder) (has been shot in Peter in 1996) has decided to subordinate to itself almost all Kazan groupings. To their leaders he has suggested to unite gangster “ obshchak “ which intended to supervise personally. The first to enter into criminal community Hajdera owed groupings of the Moscow disctrict of the city, including OPG “ the Dirt “ and allied with it OPG “ Teapots “. However leaders of these groupings have apprehended the protection offer extremely negatively and declared “ to the Vein “ war. As believes a consequence, in the beginning of 1996 the head “ the Dirt “ Edward Garipov together with a member “ Teapots “ Alexander Repin (both have been killed in Moscow in the spring of 2004) for destruction of members and leaders “ Veins “ have created a special brigade of killers. To supervise over it have charged to the inhabitant of Nizhnekamsk Igor Baranniku (it is shot in 1997) on which surname the brigade - " is named; group Barannika “ in which he has collected physically strong children, able to own the weapon. Among them there were former military men Haziahmetov and Kotkov.

Under the version of the investigation, into a problem of group of killers entered not only elimination of members “ Veins “ but also those who patronised them. The director of Usadsky distillery Vladislav Baranov who earlier about 25 years has worked in law enforcement bodies has got to this list and headed criminal investigation department of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kazan. As it is concrete it has been connected with “ the Vein “ it is not disclosed yet - about it, most likely, it becomes known during litigation. Besides, “ To group Barannika “ it was entrusted to liquidate and directors of Kazan Open Company “ Tatpak “ Jacob Galjametdinova. The given enterprise has been created in the beginning 90 - h at Open Society “ Kazanorgsintez “ also was engaged in manufacturing of polyethylene packing, and, under the operative data, was under control OPS “ the Vein “. To eliminate mister Baranova as considers a consequence, it was entrusted to Haziahmetovu for $1 thousand in the Morning on January, 16th, 1996 it has caught for the businessman under the bridge at a crossroads of the Kazan streets Ibragimova and Jamasheva when that went on parking behind the car, and has shot to it from a TT pistol at a nape. To kill mister Galjametdinova, under the version of the investigation­, Kotkovu have charged for $800. It has shot the director “ Tatpaka “ on May, 28th, 1996 near to its house in settlement Zalesnyj from this a TT.

Haziahmetov has been detained in March of last year on the way from Moscow in the Bashkir city October where has gone to relatives. Kotkov since 1998 serves time for murder of the director of one of elabuzhskih restaurants and one of leaders Kazan OPG “ Adelka “ (has received in total 22 years of imprisonment).

At session the state accuser has declared to court the petition for prolongation to all defendants of terms of holding in custody that they did not have a possibility to disappear from justice or to press on witnesses. The court has agreed with this request and has appointed to January, 28th the process beginning.

yesterday to receive comments at lawyers of defendants it was not possible - names of defenders while are unknown. During preliminary investigation Haziahmetov and Kotkov gave grateful evidences and co-operated with the investigation.

by data a press - services of Office of Public Prosecutor, Kotkovu, considering its previous conviction, threatens till 30 years of imprisonment. Haziahmetovu similar term (earlier it also was we judge) threatens.

Andrey Smirnov