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Tatneft has created marketing a daughter in Siberia
Open Society Tatneft has created Open Company affiliated company Tatneft - the gas station - Siberia to Kemerovo. The company is created in November, 2007. A share Tatneft in Open Company makes 100 %. Now in the Russian Federation 420 gas stations " are; Tatneft which are under control of Open Company gas station Tatneft - the South Open Company gas station Tatneft - the Center Open Company gas station Tatneft - the West .
In 2006 the joint-stock company board of directors has confirmed strategy of development of a network of the gas station till 2010 inclusive, providing increase in quantity of the gas station in the Russian Federation to 700 units and growth of volume of realisation nefte - and gazoproduktov to 2,3 million t in a year. On development roznichno - marketing business Tatneft plans to direct 11 mlrd rbl.

Interfax - the Volga region

Salavatnefteorgsintez will enter manufacture of polyethylene by capacity of 120 thousand tons
Open Society Salavatnefteorgsintez in 2008 plans to place in operation manufacture of polyethylene by capacity of 120 thousand t in a year. Building of this manufacture is provided by the project of the program of development Salavatnefteorgsinteza till 2012.
the company in 2008 also plans to start installation visbrekinga that will allow to increase depth of processing of oil raw materials on 5 - 10 %. In company plans also installation building naliva dark oil products capacity three million t in a year, and also installations of ELOU AVT - 6 which will allow to increase selection of light oil products and gazojlevyh fractions from oil and also to take out of service out-of-date installations.

Interfax - ANI

Sinterra has placed in operation a site of the main network in the Volga region
Joint-Stock Company Sinterra has entered into commercial operation the next site of the main network to the Volga region in length about 1,6 thousand in km. A network there passes on routes Ufa - Naberezhnye Chelny, Ufa - Orenburg and Ufa - Chelyabinsk. The maximum throughput of this site of a network, as well as other network Sinterry 10 Gbit/ with. The general extent of the main network of the company makes about 60 thousand in km.

Interfax - a Telecom

the Tax inspector is detained on suspicion in bribe reception
In Tatarstan on suspicion in reception of a bribe at a rate of 1,4 million rbl. the tax inspector is detained, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic Asgat Safarov has informed. It is literally one week ago employees of division on struggle against economic crimes in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny at reception of a bribe at a rate of one million 400 thousand roubles have detained the state tax inspector of interdistrict inspection FNS of Russia - he has told. According to the minister, the bribe was extorted from commercial structure for removal of the positive decision based on the results of testing this enterprise. Now the inspector is held in custody.

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