Rus News Journal

Direct speech

Emil Husnutdinov,
the head of department of a housing policy of Kazan:
- we Wait the order of the mayor of Kazan for Ilsura Metshina to begin work on realisation of the target program accepted by us on resettlement of tenants from unsuitable available housing on 2008 - 2015 and programs on the deceived shareholders.

Firdinat Ganiev,
the director of branch for RT FGU the Federal licence centre at Rosstroe :
- next week we will bring work adjusted totals for the last year. Indicators very good: together with law-enforcement and supervising bodies we have spent the big work in which result in Tatarstan 29 building organisations have lost 35 licences. I can tell that today the building companies have practically ceased to be engaged in illegal business - make out licences.

Svetlana Enilina,
the deputy minister of agriculture of Chuvashiya:
- we Hope that an exposition of Chuvashiya at the international agricultural exhibition which has opened on January, 18th in Berlin Green week - 2008 will interest a considerable quantity of potential consumers and clients, the conclusion of agreements becomes result of that. Our republic at an exhibition 14 enterprises of the food industry making meat products represent, dairy and bakery production, beer and strong alcoholic drinks.

Edward Murzin,
the deputy of State meeting of Bashkiria:
- I Count that me under the decision of the Supreme court of republic at last - that will register the candidate of State meeting of following convocation. I consider that at least one legal expert should represent interests of simple people.

Rashit Vagizov,
the representative under human rights in Tatarstan:
- we Wait for arrival of legal experts from Moscow which should bring the literature for schoolboys of republic. Young men should know the rights, differently it not to be worthy citizens. It only one of the actions planned by us for 2008 - year 60 - letija acceptances by General Assembly of the United Nations of the Declaration of human rights.

Azamat Abdrafikov,
and. An island a press - the secretary of the president of Bashkiria:
- we Plan to finish working out of the complex program of actions for a social family support service as 2008 at us in republic is declared by the president year of a social family support service. At organising committee session it is supposed to discuss concrete measures for the decision of this problem.

Fljura Zijatdinova,
the deputy of the State Council of Tatarstan:
- usual routine work Is necessary. I wait for a response of Office of Public Prosecutor and militia on the bill developed by me of xenophobia counteraction. I am am disturbed very much by a situation with intolerance to all to the stranger - to other religion, skin colour, a cut of eyes. In the personal plan We a little bit were ill together with the grand daughter after New year, and now I to it help to make up for knowledge under the literature, stories and algebra.