Rus News Journal

For that do you wait from forthcoming week?

Andrey Artjuhov,
the deputy of the Tyumen regional thought:
- Within the next week I in St.-Petersburg will take part in a seminar for deputies of Legislative Assemblies of subjects of the Russian Federation. In its frameworks experts and deputies of a local municipal duma, and also others state and public figures will act.

Irina Reshetnikova,
the chairman of arbitration court of Sverdlovsk area:
- next week will pass the expanded session of presidium of arbitration court of Sverdlovsk area following the results of work in 2007. Judges will take part in session and employees of the device of court, and also representatives of the organisations and the establishments co-operating with court a management. During a meeting results of work of court on realisation of justice will be sounded and court problems for 2008 are designated.

Evgenie Rogoza,
the chairman of the council of the Chelyabinsk regional branch Fair Russia :
- the meeting at the head of Presidential Administration Sergey Sobjanina in which frameworks questions of activity of a pre-election staff of Dmitry Medvedev will be discussed on January, 22nd will take place. At this meeting will be present ours vitse - governor Andrey Kosilov heading the Chelyabinsk pre-election staff. We will watch this event as at this meeting, including, questions of possible participation in a pre-election staff of members of our party will be brought up.

Dmitry Vershinin,
the deputy of a Sverdlovsk regional thought:
- On Monday in the American information centre in Ekaterinburg the exhibition of my photos " opens; America eyes of the foreigner . I with pleasure invite to visit this action of representatives of foreign consulates, photographers, journalists, the friends and all interested persons. This exhibition is important for me as for the politician and easier person as, on the one hand, bears a certain political shade, and with another, gives possibility to look at good photos.

Anatoly Savelov,
the chief of the department of Federal antimonopoly service across the Kurgan region:
- Within the next week we are going to work over the annual report and statement of problems for 2008. Besides, on Wednesday at us the legal investigation about infringement of the antimonopoly law by the company " is planned; JUnimilk . Even in the autumn of 2007 we have analysed the market of food services and have made decision to raise administrative manufacture concerning this organisation which under our data in September, 2007 at a time on 25 % has raised cost prices of milk and butter.

Alexander Kondrashov,
the director Southern - the Ural agency on mortgage and housing crediting:
- next week we will be engaged in formation of the program of low building current year. There will be trips to cities in which building of low habitation is planned, be going to go to the Layer, Magnitogorsk, Emanzhelinsk and Juzhnouralsk. There we will look at the ground areas and we will carry on negotiations with a management of municipalities.

Yury Kultaev,
the head of branch of the Russian fund of federal property in the Chelyabinsk area:
- From first working day of new 2008 the fund branch works in an intense rhythm: on Monday demands acceptance for acquisition of the actions which are in the property of the Russian Federation on January, 21st comes to an end: 20 % of an authorised capital stock of Open Society CHeljabobltopprom 100 % of an authorised capital stock of Open Society Chelyabinsk uchkollektor 25, 5 % of an authorised capital stock of Open Society Goginsky grain base . Auction on sale of 100 % of an authorised capital stock of Open Society " on January, 22nd will take place; Verhneufalejsky printing house .