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to Earn on own the Internet - shop it is possible, and without communicating physically with the goods. This possibility is given by partner programs. The scheme looks as division between partners of the basic functions the Internet - trade. One of partners - a web - the master - holds on the personal domain the Internet - a show-window, exposing in it the goods and involving buyers. And another delivers the goods from the warehouse, providing logistics and service support of clients. It is the modern scheme of the partner program, allowing - to masters to build a web stable business, scheme evolution when a web - the master simply drove the traffic on the Internet - shop, receiving payment either for cliques, or in the form of percent from sales. The new scheme, it is necessary to tell, still up to the end has not forced out old, they now exist in parallel.

according to Michael Zinchenko, the general director the Internet - shop NEOzon. ru, such kind of cooperation the Internet - shops and the web - masters is not so developed in Russia. It is connected, for example, with purely Russian complexities like logistics maintenance. After all it is not enough to involve visitors and to provide their conversion in buyers, it is necessary to serve all of them qualitatively still. Anyhow, Russian the Internet - shops not too care of appeal of the partner programs, and a web - masters frequently can earn more on the involved traffic, placing contextual advertising.

another matter of the USA, there the market of partner programs is measured by billions dollars. By some estimations, partners provide 15 % of sales Amazon. com. However, such known brands prefer to work about a web - masters under the old scheme. According to Surena Rubbed - Saakova, the owner and the head of partner program ShopXML. com which operates in the market of the USA, work under the new scheme is much more favourable a web - to masters as allows them to build steady business. If the web - the master works under the old scheme costs to it at least for a week to throw extraction of the traffic from search engines and other sources as its incomes reduce to zero. That is such business is unstable. The new scheme allows - to the master to be a web the full owner the Internet - shop in the USA, and the owner thus can live, say, in Penza.

as speaks Rubbed - Saakov, at its best partners (them of 20 %, they provide 80 % of sales according to a rule of Pareto and earn in a month on $20 thousand and more) among which there is also a web - the masters living on the post-Soviet territory, still never was situations that the turn in any month was less, than in previous.