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Chronic weakness
In the beginning of last week the Russian stock market has continued the lateral trend generated since the first trading days of year. Following the results of ponedelnichnyh the auctions RTS index has grown on 1,12 %, an index the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - on 0,87 %. Against a rise in prices for raw materials the greatest interest in investors was caused by actions of the raw companies. So, the next updating of historical maxima of the prices for gold (ounce cost has reached $945,44, having increased for last year by 43 %) became the reason of active purchases in actions of the gold mining companies.

foreign news also promoted growth in the Russian market. The European index Dow Jones Stoxx 600 has grown up on 0,4 % after from the beginning of January has fallen to 5,8 %. Leaders of growth of a steel of the action of the technological companies, in particular investors were pleased with indicators of sales and profit IBM.

However on Tuesday the international markets have continued the falling. Investors have started to fix profit under actions of the oil and gas companies, but in plus there were the papers of gold miners supported by the proceeding rise in prices for gold against easing of the American dollar. The European news have only fixed this tendency. Large German financial holding Hypo Real Estate has fixed in the annual report 27 - percentage falling have arrived that has dropped more than on third cost of its actions. Actions ritejlerov - so have strongly fallen, quotations Tesco have fallen to a four-monthly minimum. RTS index has decreased on 0,4 %, the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has lost 0,5 %.

On Wednesday decadent moods were aggravated from - for publications of the weak statistical data, testifying that the probability of approach of recession in the USA raises. It has led to that leading American indexes have fallen to nine-monthly minima, carrying away behind itself the European and Asian indicators. For the Russian market the negative factor became and becoming cheaper oil (Brent, having lost 1,65 %, has fallen below $90 for barrel). Even gold quotations have stopped growth and were a little rolled away back. As a result RTS index, having lost 4,4 %, has fallen to level of monthly prescription. Morning of Thursday has not brought to investors of joyful messages, therefore to the middle of day RTS index has lost even more 4 %.