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2058 - year of general disgust from television advertising
According to sociological researches Levada - the centre spent among 1600 citizens of the Russian Federation is more senior 18 years in 1999 and 2007, it was found out that the number of people to which like advertising on television, has decreased for 8 years from 80 % to 63 % interrogated. In recalculation on population of corresponding age in 1999 and 2007 (according to 107,4 million and 109 million persons) it means that the quantity of fans of TV - advertising was reduced in 1,25 times: from 85,92 million to 68,67 million persons. At the same time, according to experts in marketing, expenses of manufacturers of television advertising for 1999 - 2007 have grown in 14 times: from $0,19 mlrd to $2,7 billion Hence if advertisers in 1999 have spent $1,77 by last year these expenses have grown to $24,77 a year for a gain of interest of each adult Russian, however have caused decrease in number of the persons interested on 17,25 million. The number of the Russians averted from advertising for 8 years, appears approximately equal to the modern population of Angola and exceeds number of adults and children living both in Severo - Western, and in Uralsk federal districts Russian Federations. If number of adult people in the Russian Federation as plans the government, is possible the next years at the expense of social programs to keep at present level, and falling of interest to television advertising among them and will occur further in such scales by 2058 in anybody in Russia TV advertising will not cause interest.

about 231 thousand crimes , connected with a drug trafficking in which result it is withdrawn more than 30 t substances, it is registered in Russia in 2007.

from 130 million to 170 million rbl., it agree to the data of the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation, each of 7 political parties which have done not pass in the State Duma has run into debt to mass media.

759 thousand Mines and other explosive subjects sappers of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation in 2007 have neutralised.

time in 10 years has decided Rostehnadzor to carry out planned check of safety on the Russian atomic power stations.

$4,516 mlrd will be made by the sum on which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has insured the Russian property abroad, being in an operational administration of diplomatic department.

more than 2 thousand citizens the Russian Federations are involved in administrative responsibility in 2007 by bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor for infringements at realisation of national projects.

16,7 mlrd the rbl. were made by the sum, on which Gohran of the Russian Federation in 2007 realised precious metals and stones. For the same term of Gohran has bought values on 4 mlrd rbl.

128 persons were lost in 2007 in Moscow from a poisoning with poor-quality alcohol. For the same time in capital more than 260 children are elderly till 14 years have been hospitalised in the Moscow hospitals with the diagnosis an alcoholic poisoning .

72 insurgents, including 11 leaders of gangs, it agree to the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen republic, are destroyed in this subject of federation in 2007.

on 95 % has grown in cost expression in January — November, 2007 export of fertilizers from Russia in foreign countries.