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For builders the habitation becomes accessible

Yesterday at political club session “ Russia “ the minister of building and housing and communal services of Sverdlovsk area Alexander Karlov presented the new scheme of financing of building of accessible habitation. As he said, builders can obtain the bank credit under the low interest rate on erection of objects. It will allow to increase till 2010 volumes of entered habitation to 2,1 million roubles and twice to lower cost of square metre. However participants of the market doubt success of the project, being afraid of the official bureaucratism. Yesterday at session of political club “ Russia “ Sverdlovsk officials and deputies have discussed realisation methods in region of the national project “ Accessible habitation “. It provides the decision of the several problems, one of them - increase in volumes of building. As minister Karlov has informed, to solve them is planned at the expense of the joint project of the regional authorities and the Ural bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. “ We have agreed about allocation to builders of credits under erection of objects. The interest rate will be low (while its size is in process of discussion. - „”) as as the guarantor the government of Sverdlovsk area will act, and the under construction object " will be pledge; - mister Karlov has told.

according to the minister, such scheme will allow to increase considerably volumes of building of habitation in area. So, in 2005 in region it has been entered by 1 million 100 thousand square metres of habitation, according to plan of 2006 this indicator should make 1 million 250 thousand square metres, and in 2010 - 2 million 100 thousand Besides, regional officials consider that crediting of builders will allow to lower twice market cost of one square metre. According to mister Karlov, today in Ekaterinburg it makes about 30 thousand roubles, at the cost price - 12 - 13 thousand roubles. “ At the expense of the correct organisation of financing of building really to reduce the price of one square metre to 14 thousand roubles “ - he considers. These results are supposed to achieve also at the expense of gratuitous allocation by municipalities of platforms under housing construction. Now, in several cities of region for reception of a platform the builder should list the certain sum of money of the local budget (in Ekaterinburg - 20 % from the object cost price).

Participants of the market consider very actual a question of crediting of builders. “ till now, as a rule, object building was financed by shareholders. But after coming into force of the new federal law on share building of habitation, it became actually unreal. Therefore bank credits could become claimed. However their appeal depends on the interest rate “ - financial director NP " has told in conversation with the correspondent „”; Atomstrojkompleks “ Yury Sushko. In its opinion, the rate should not exceed 5 - 6 % annual in roubles taking into account a construction of object till one and a half years. Now, as mister Sushko has noted, credits under building give only two banks - “ มเํ๊24. ru “ and “ the Ural bank of reconstruction and development “. Thus of their rate - 15 - 16 % annual in roubles. “ banks consider till now building crediting risky, and reluctantly are engaged in such activity “ - the president of the realtor union of the centre of real estate " has added; MAN “ Nikolay Savin.

at the same time, participants of the market agree in opinion that the government of Sverdlovsk area hardly will manage to solve a problem of crediting of builders. As mister Sushko considers, for this purpose the authorities should hold the tender, to define criteria of selection of participants of the project. “ Considering bureaucratism of officials, procedure will manage to be started at the best through 1 - 1,5 years. If the project will not freeze “ - he has noted. Other builders estimate the project of the Sverdlovsk authorities is more pessimistic. In their opinion take in it part can “ only close to the authorities 1 - 2 building companies “ but their activity will not be reflected neither in the habitation market, nor on cost of square metre.